English in Chester started life as the sister school of the Stratford-upon-Avon School of English Studies and became part of the Ethos Schools group.

Thank you to a Japanese group for asking for a summer course in Chester in 1976. We decided to continue in Chester and over 40 years later the adventure is still continuing! Thanks to everyone for being part of it.

Richard Day

Richard Day

Visiting places like Lake District and Powis Castle on excursions is a good memory.

I'm happy to know that English in Chester is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Congratulations!

Yuko Shinohara (Japan)

Yuko Shinohara (Japan)
Student in 1976

Happy Anniversary from one of your first students!

Knob Asano (Japan)
Student in 1976 & 2001

I wish you a very happy 40th Anniversary. Thanks to English in Chester for introducing us to English life!

Elsadig Taleb (Sudan)
Student in 1978

Those 10 years of my involvement with English in Chester were some of the most fulfilling of my working life and it is with great fondness that I recall people who meant so much to me.

There was such a strong bond that developed between staff and the students – and there was always something going on. On many occasions my modest house in Hoole was bursting at the seams with people from all over the world!

Helen Norris

Helen Norris
Secretary (1978 - 1988)

I have wonderful memories of my time at English in Chester.

Teachers are brilliant and extremely friendly. The school is located next to the historical site - the Chester Wall, nice and quiet surrounding.

Panjavilai Anuvareepong (Thailand)
Student in 1979

I remember that I liked very much the relaxed ambiance between teachers and students. We had lots of interesting lessons and discussions and often went together to the "Pied Bull" pub after school.

Erwin Rieder (Switzerland)
Student in 1979

I still remember my stay in Chester very well and I don’t want to forget this time. It was a lovely time with my family, my friends and especially with my teachers.

Heinrich Längerer (Germany)
Student in 1980

I was not only given the priceless opportunity to study at English in Chester, I was cared for by the whole team as if I was one of their family members. I sincerely wish the whole team my very best for the 40th anniversary, such an amazing landmark to reach!

Homan Varghaei (Iran)
Student in 1982

Studying at English in Chester was a happy time. I learnt a lot and our class had a lot of fun together. The host family looked after me well.

Happy 40th Anniversary to English in Chester!

Sigrid Frei (Switzerland)
Student in 1982

Being at English in Chester is all about making friends, learning a language, sharing experiences and having happy memories that stay with you for a life-time. There have been a lot of changes since I started, gone are the brown walls, tape recorders and smoking in the common room but although we always make changes to the building, the special atmosphere in the school remains the same; and that special atmosphere is created by the staff and the students.

Pat McGettigan

Pat McGettigan
Teacher & Director of Studies (1982 - 2001)

I had a very super time in Chester - good host family, excellent teachers, a beautiful town and so many pubs!

Christian Birchmeier (Switzerland)
Student in 1983

We were a really small class (two students!) with big ambitions and the teachers of English in Chester lead us to success.

Priska Nold Noser (Switzerland)
Student in 1983


Our first Vacation Course for Teenagers is run with students from all over the world.

It was the best time spent in my whole childhood. I learnt so much and it helped me in my career by improving my language and developing my personality.

Hani Al-Qadhi (Oman)
Student in 1984

My time at English in Chester was great and I made lots of friends. I still have good memories and friends that I’m still in contact with today.

Mohammed Sayed Hussain (Dubai)
Student in 1984/85

My favourite teacher was Mr. Richard Day because he seems like a father to us. It was a memorable time that I spent with you.

Abdullah Alkeaid (Saudi Arabia)
Student in 1985/86


English in Chester becomes an independent company and acquires the school and its buildings in Stanley Place, where we are still located today.


Martin Stokes, our longest serving teacher, started at the school. He continues to teach today!

The school had a cozy atmosphere so that we all could know each other. One of my teachers, Sheila, thanks to her disciplined lessons I have been able to keep my English in a satisfying level. And Bill, we could ask many questions and he answered clearly. It was a pleasure to have his lessons.

Yukiko Yoneda (Japan)
Student in 1987


Stanley Place is restored to its Georgian elegance and re-opened by the Sheriff and Mayor of Chester.


We welcomed our first group of 50+ students in 1991.

Dear English in Chester, you will be in my heart forever. My studying was a great experience. Your walls were witnesses of friendship and laughter students, teachers a perfect group. Congratulations on your 40th!

Cristina Martinez (Spain)
Student in 1991

During a lesson Richard looked for one of the students to take over a difficult task. Nobody lifted the arm. Thus, Richard pointed at me and spoke with a flattering voice: "I have volunteered YOU!". Since this episode my sons heard these friendly words more often.

Ingo Raasch (Germany)
Student in 1992


Mariza and Flavio brought our first teens groups from Brazil.


English in the North, a regional consortium of language schools, colleges and universities, was set up by Richard Day.

English in the North is important as we have so much to do to establish our wonderful region as a destination of choice for students from around the world.

Richard Day

Richard Day


The Language Training Centre opens taking students on our Courses for Business and Professional People.

Really I learned, and had one of the best times of my life!

Naif Al-Harbi (Saudi Arabia)
Student in 1996

I had SO many wonderful and exciting experiences!

I will cherish the memories as long as I live!

Natsuko Teteyama (Japan)

Natsuko Teteyama (Japan)
Student in 1996


Our first website went live, designed by Nick Day (Richard's son), only 13 years old at the time, and he still designs our website today!

I will always remember my time in Chester; not only for the high level of English, but also for the love and friendship from all the people I met there.

Patricia Hendrikson (Argentina)
Student in 1998


Our first Caribbean Cocktail Courses ran at Dover Beach in Barbados.

Barbados is an English-speaking paradise in the Caribbean, sometimes called "Little England". In our international industry it is another fantastic study destination.

Richard Day

Richard Day

I got many friends including my English mum, Mrs. Francis, teachers and classmates who I still keep in touch with!

Natsumi Asai (Japan)
Student in 1990 & 1999

It has been a privilege to work with our national association English UK (2004 - 2015), and previously as Vice Chair of ARELS (1985 - 2004) and it was an honour to serve as Chair of ARELS from 2000 - 2002.

Richard Day


We celebrate our 25th Anniversary with staff and teachers from past and present.


Harriet Parker started as Academic Principal. She was previously at the school as a teacher in 1978.

The school, and the number of teaching staff, has grown since I was a teacher here in 1978. There are many more books and resources for teachers to use now and there weren't any computers when I worked here before - the staff did all their work on typewriters!

Harriet Parker

Harriet Parker
Academic Principal


Technology improvements come to the school with our first student computers!

I remember my first day in 1988 joining Helen in the office. There was one typewriter between the two of us, no fax machine or word processor, and we have only just got computers in 1996!

We promise to go into the 20th century with email and the Internet - even English in Chester has to come to terms with technology!

Jean Wright

Jean Wright
Office Administrator (1996)


Our first Discover Britain tour is offered as an add-on to our 50+ Course - guided tours with Richard were to Oban, Stirling and Perth in Scotland, Pembrokeshire and the Cotswolds.

The last weeks passed by like a film. It was a very lovely time!

Brigitte Wilhelmy (Germany)
Student in 2003


English in Barbados at Southern Palms is launched.


Our website is redesigned, winning two regional awards for its ease of use and accessibility.


English in Chester joins IALC and attends first IALC workshop in Cape Town.

I was delighted to return to English in Chester as it was always my favourite place to work and it was great to work with Richard again after many years.

Nigel Paramor
Principal (2007-)


An EIC wedding! Former students Rocio from Mexico and Javi from Spain married and invited Richard to their wedding in Leon, Spain!

The best way to learn English or improve your language skills is to visit a school like English in Chester. This was my second course in three years. I had an excellent time and I look forward to studying with English in Chester again.

Holger Grabow (Germany)

Holger Grabow (Germany)
Student in 2007

I loved the school, the walled city, the trips, the pub tour. Best of all was the people I met and the moments we shared. I still keep in touch with some of them.

Paty Villanueva (Mexico)
Student in 2008


A state-of-the-art digital language lab is installed at the school.

The teachers are experienced, committed and good fun. The lessons have been both well-structured and flexible to our needs. We have enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much!

Camilla Sjokvist (Sweden)

Camilla Sjokvist (Sweden)
Student in 2009


Our self-access centre is updated with the latest technology for our students to use.

The course helped me and other international students to develop our broader social skills and make good friends from different parts of the world. I am thankful for everything EIC taught me and make me to be who I am today.

Edi Saeed (Iraq)

Edi Saeed (Iraq)
Student in 2010


Our branding and website is updated with a modern new look, with our logo icon inspired by the historic black and white buildings in Chester.


TEN - The English Network - is launched with English in Chester as a founding member.


We open English House, our dedicated student residence.

I spent two great weeks in Chester last summer. Day after day my English improved thanks to the wonderful atmosphere created by staff with the students coming from all over the world, sharing experiences and fun.

Giulia Angius (Italy)

Giulia Angius (Italy)
Student in 2011, 2012, 2015 & 2016


In 2012 we started our 25+ Courses which proved to be very popular.


Durwen House, next door to the main school at 7 Stanley Place, becomes our year-round Groups Centre.

I really enjoyed my stay in Chester. The school knows how to welcome students and make them feel at ease, thanks to the nice (and often funny) teachers and staff. Of course, my English improved a lot, as well as my cultural knowledge!

Valentine Beguin (France)

Valentine Beguin (France)
Student in 2013

I really enjoyed my time in Chester. Chester is a lovely place with people who are very kind and helpful.

Studying here was a great experience and it is the best choice if you want to improve your language skills.

Petra (Slovakia)

Petra (Slovakia)
Student in 2014

I really appreciated staying with Harriet and Gwill. It was like a 5 star hotel accommodation. The food was delicious, the house is nice and they make me feel 'at home'. They were very attentive and welcoming with nice conversations about British life and culture.

Cornelia Progin (Switzerland)
Student in 2015


We pass another British Council inspection with flying colours! As with our 2 previous British Council inspections, our results are excellent and we are ranked amongst the very best UK "Centres of Excellence" (EL Gazette).

In 2015 we were awarded 14 strengths by the British Council in their inspection report. The average number of strengths awarded to a school is 3.6. We are very proud and happy. These results demonstrate our experience and professionalism, our high academic standards and our genuine focus on quality.


40 years of friendship, meeting and communicating with people from all around the world and enhanced international understanding. What a fantastic experience and there's more in the future!