Welfare & Safeguarding

We have a duty of care toward all our students’ welfare. In some cases that duty is a legal one and we have a number of policies and procedures in place to help us ensure that our students are supported inside and outside the school.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Students under 18 are children by UK law. English in Chester has a legal duty to safeguard and protect children studying at the school. Parents or guardians of children at English in Chester must complete a parental agreement and consent form and agree to certain restrictions on their child as a condition of studying at the school. These include evening curfew times, restrictions on trips outside Chester and abiding by UK law. These will be explained clearly to the students aged under 18 years at the start of their course.

We have several highly trained staff members, qualified to safeguard and care for under 18’s. The Principal and Student Services Manager are the Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Leads in the School, and several other staff members are trained to Level 2. All students under 18 on General English courses are met on their first day by the Principal/Student Services Manager, and are made aware that they are there to support them during their stay.

Pastoral Care

The Student Services Manager and Admin Assistant have English UK training in student welfare. Several members of staff are trained in First Aid and the Student Services Manager is also trained in Mental Health First Aid.

We provide several opportunities for students to discuss any personal concerns or issues they may have during their stay. All students on every course are informed about the ‘open door’ policy in the school and are informed on their first day that they can approach any member of staff for help or assistance.

The school has close communication with homestay hosts who also receive safeguarding training and are always encouraged to inform the school if their students have any issues during their stay. Our staff will always keep parents/guardians informed if they have any serious concerns about their students’ welfare and will also signpost them to outside agencies if they are unable to assist with an issue.

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