Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions that students have asked us about Chester. Click on a question to see our answer. If you have a question that we have not included please contact us.

How many people live in Chester?

The population of Chester is 120,000 and we have 8.25 million visitors a year.

What is the weather like?

Britain has a variable climate that changes from day to day, which means the weather is difficult to predict. Extreme weather conditions are very rare. We have four distinct seasons. It rarely drops below 5°C in winter or rises above 28°C in summer. At any time of year an umbrella and different layers of clothing can be useful.

What is Chester like?

Chester is a very nice city to live in. It is the perfect size; big enough to offer a really good range of services and not too big to be impersonal. It is a busy and prosperous city with a very English atmosphere.

How do I get to Chester?

Our nearest airports are in Manchester and Liverpool, only a 40-minute drive from Chester. The journey from London takes 2 hours by direct train. If you are flying to the UK we strongly recommend flying to Manchester or Liverpool airports rather than one of the London airports.

How do I travel around the city?

Chester city centre is very compact so you can walk around quite easily. You may need to take a short bus ride to reach the suburbs or your homestay.

Where can I find information about Chester?

Try visiting or visit the Tourist Information Centre in Chester next to the Town Hall.

Is there a lot to do in Chester?

Yes. Chester depends on tourism and has excellent facilities for our visitors. There is always something happening and we encourage students to interact with the local community.

Can I find a job in Chester?

Chester is a tourist city and most job opportunities occur in the hospitality sector. You will require a National Insurance number to work. Students on a Short-term Study Visa are currently not allowed to work in the UK. More information about visas

Is Chester suitable for my age group?

Chester is great for any age group. Younger students are safe and can enjoy our many tourist attractions. Our young adult students enjoy the lively atmosphere that you find in a university city. Our 25+ students enjoy the city's sophistication and our mature students enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the parks, the river and the ancient buildings. Everyone enjoys the shopping!

Do students like Chester?

Students of all ages love Chester. They often know very little about it before they arrive. When they get to know Chester they usually do not want to leave!

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