Historic Chester - a very "English" City throughout the ages

Chester has 2,000 years of history. It was a Roman military fortress and an important port when Liverpool was only a village. It supported the King in the Civil War in the 17th century and was attacked by Cromwell's followers. It has the country's oldest race course and one of the most photographed clocks in England. The old walled city is breathtaking and makes history come alive.

  • Roman Chester

    Chester's history began with the Romans nearly 2000 years ago in AD79. The Roman fortress was called Deva and was one of three important military centres in Britain. The ancient city lies under the present city and evidence of the Roman period can be seen everywhere.

    Roman soldiers at The Cross
    Roman gardens
    Chester ampthitheatre
    Roman ruins
  • Chester in the Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages (from the 13th to the 15th century) were a busy time in Chester. The "Rows", the Old Dee Bridge and the Cross in the centre of Chester all date from this period.

    Chester Cathedral choir stalls
    Old Dee Bridge
    View from The Rows
    The Town Crier
  • Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Chester

    The prosperity of the 17th century is reflected in some of our oldest black and white houses. These beautiful buildings were copied by the Victorians in the late 19th century.

    The Olde Boot Inn
    An old public house
    16th century fireplace
    God's Providence House
  • Georgian Chester

    In the late 18th century Chester was prosperous, growing and very fashionable. English in Chester is based in the houses of the rich and famous in the city in the 1780s.

    Stanley Place, home of English in Chester
    English in Chester
    Georgian townhouses on the River Dee
    Abbey Square
  • Victorian Chester

    Victoria was Queen from 1837 to 1901. In 1846 the railway came to Chester and modern tourism began. The Victorians copied everything and many of our most famous landmarks date from this period.

    The Eastgate Clock, celebrating Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee
    Victorian black and white buildings
    Suspension Bridge over the River Dee
    Queen Victoria in Chester today!
    The Town Hall in the Victorian Gothic style
  • Modern Chester

    Modern buildings are often built in the old style but interiors are modern and chic. You can see old and new buildings on one of the many tours around the city.

    See old and new Chester on a sightseeing tour
    The Celebration of Chester
    The Grosvenor Shopping Centre
    The new Abode Building
  • Roman ChesterRoman Chester
  • The Middle AgesThe Middle Ages
  • 16th & 17th Century16th & 17th Century
  • Georgian ChesterGeorgian Chester
  • Victorian ChesterVictorian Chester
  • Modern ChesterModern Chester

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