25+ Courses The 25+ Course - English for Everyday Life and the Workplace

25+ Courses are short, intensive English language programmes suitable for people who want to study in small classes to develop their English language skills in a general or work-related context.

The 25+ Course is run in our Language Training Centre. This is a separate, historic building opposite the main school. The centre provides a comfortable learning environment with good training and technology facilities, including iPads, Apple TVs and projectors. There is a computer room and free WiFi Internet access throughout the building. Students and trainers can meet, read, relax and enjoy free tea and coffee facilities in the spacious lounge.

Everyone is busy and it is not always easy to find time for an English language course. The 25+ Course is designed to make the best use of a short period of study. We aim to improve your confidence and accuracy when you speak English. The course includes:

  • English language work with a focus on Spoken English and conversation skills
  • Lessons are designed to develop confidence in using English in both social and professional situations
  • An adult environment in a building dedicated to our mature students over the age of 25
  • Social events and excursion possibilities to help you make the most of your short stay in Chester

You will complete a questionnaire prior to your course and our staff will design the course programme to reflect your needs. With our small classes learning is highly effective and personalised.

Watch the video introduction to our 25+ courses

Tuition Fees & Online Booking for courses in 2021

Start Date (2021) Weeks Tuition per week (2021) Book

Tuition fees include:

  • e-Chester - e-Chester is our online guided learning programme. You can have free, full access to e-Chester from the time of booking, during your course and for 6 months after your course finishes.
  • Self-Access Centre - A teacher is available to help you in our well-equipped centre for up to an additional 4¾ hours a week.
  • Review Sessions - Regular meetings to discuss your progress / study plans.

There is a registration fee of £90.00 for all bookings. For information on deposits, payment of fees and our refund policy including cancellations please see our terms and conditions.

Sample Timetable (Intermediate)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09.30 - 11.00: Language Development in a Real-Life Context
Past experiences: Past simple, forming questions, positive and negative responses Making arrangements: Going to future and present continuous Transport: Comparatives and superlatives The best companies to work for: Practise comparatives and giving opinions Decision making: Zero, first and second conditional
Coffee Break
11.30 - 13.00: Social & Communication Skills in English
Travel situations and hotels Telephone skills The news in English Developing conversations and small talk E-mail skills
Lunch Break
14.15 - 15.45: English Practice
English at Work: Interviews and CVs Cultural Awareness: Conversation and Communication English at Work: Giving a presentation English for Life: Vocabulary Development English at Work: Taking part in meetings
15.45 - 16.45 (Monday - Thursday), 13.00 - 13.45 (Friday): Supervised self-study in the self-access centre (optional)
  • Homework will be set regularly throughout the programme.
The 25+ Course
Lessons / hours per week
30 lessons / 22½ hours
Start dates
Any Monday for between 1 and 6 weeks.
If you have only one week we strongly advise you to choose the 25+ Combination Course.
Minimum: 25
Average: 47
Age Range: 25 - 60
Class sizes
Average: 3
Maximum: 6
Elementary to Advanced (A1 to C1).
Beginners are only accepted for individual tuition.
Special feature
Inclusive Chester orientation and weekly early-evening social event. Other optional evening and weekend events at cost.

Student numbers (2018/19)

  • Spain19%
  • Czech Republic17%
  • Switzerland16%
  • Italy10%
  • Germany9%
  • Japan8%
  • France2%
  • Sweden2%
  • Hungary2%
  • Argentina1%
  • Other14%