Examination Courses General English with IELTS Preparation

It is always valuable to take an internationally-recognised examination. This can help you in your work, study and career development. We offer a range of examinations at different levels to meet the needs of our students.

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IELTS is an internationally-recognised exam and most students need it to prove their level of English for study at University.

IELTS is often a requirement for university entry. Our IELTS preparation course starts any Monday and is a combination of General English, Exam Focus and Academic Writing lessons. The course will prepare you for undergraduate or postgraduate studies which are taught in English. You will learn to use English with confidence both in your academic studies and socially. Our experienced and professional teachers will develop your exam techniques so that you achieve the best possible result in each section of the exam.

The rate of progress varies depending on student level, ability and determination but on average our IELTS students’ test scores increase by 0.5 in approximately 6.5 weeks. We will provide you with regular examination practice and homework. We also offer information and advice to help you choose and apply for your university course.

Exam dates are available every month at a local test centre. There is an examination entrance fee as below:

  • IELTS (for UKVI): £200.00 - £240.00
  • IELTS (Academic or General Training): £160.00 - £200.00

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Tuition Fees & Online Booking for courses in 2021

Course Length Start Date (2021) Weeks Tuition per week Book
2 - 4 weeks £305.00
5 - 7 weeks £295.00
8 - 11 weeks £280.00
12 - 19 weeks £265.00
20 + weeks £250.00

Tuition fees include:

  • e-Chester - e-Chester is our online guided learning programme. You can have free, full access to e-Chester from the time of booking, during your course and for 6 months after your course finishes.
  • Self-Access Centre - Our well-equipped centre is available for you to use. A teacher is available to help you for up to an additional 4¾ hours a week.
  • Tutorials - Regular meetings to discuss your progress / study plans.

There is a registration fee of £90.00 for all bookings. For information on deposits, payment of fees and our refund policy including cancellations please see our terms and conditions.

Examination Courses
Lessons / hours per week
28 lessons / 21 hours including:
  • 20 core morning lessons
  • 6 lessons Exam Focus group
  • 2 lessons Academic Writing
Students below B1 level: 4 lessons / 3 hours per week Introduction to IELTS as part of a General English course.
Start dates
Any Monday for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Minimum Age
Class Sizes
Maximum: 12
Average: 8
B1 to C1