Free Online English Lessons Body Idioms 2

Vocabulary, Level B2+

These are all idioms related to the human body. See how many you know, and write some of the new ones down in your vocabulary book and try to use them this week. The second exercise is higher level practice.

Exercise 1

Match the expressions with their meanings.

1. to talk about something in a very open way 
2. to be unfriendly towards someone 
3. to be very expensive 
4. to have very little to support your argument 
5. to believe that other people are to blame when things go wrong for you and always talk about it and refer to it 
6. to not want to be too friendly with someone 
7. to have a feeling inside about something 
8. to have someone to talk to when you are unhappy or having a difficult time 
9. to persuade someone to do something 
10. to joke or tease someone 
Exercise 2

Now try to complete the sentences by using one of the expressions from above. You may have to change the form of the verbs!

1. I didn't want to go to the party but in the end Kerry and I went. In fact I really enjoyed it.  
2. When your girlfriend has dumped you and you are feeling really down it is good .  
3. I don't know for certain but I that you are going to get this job.  
4. I don't know what I have done to upset him but he has really recently.  
5. It was difficult because he really enjoyed her company and would have liked to spend more time with her. However, he knew that her parents wouldn't approve.  
6. I will . The company has been losing a lot of money recently and we may well be heading for bankruptcy.  
7. John's new car . I really think they overcharged him.  
8. Don't take him too seriously. He's only .  
9. I don't think he will win his case against unfair dismissal. He really .  
10. Why is Jane always so negative about her past? She really about never having gone to university.  

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