Free Online English Lessons Collocations

Vocabulary, Level B2+

This exercise will help you to think about collocations. Collocations are words which often go together such as a green apple, a hard-working student, a brilliant day, a fast runner. Try the first exercise, then practise in the second.

Exercise 1

Select a word from the box which you think goes best with the word provided. The last ten are more difficult! Use each answer only once.

1. cloudy  
2. alphabetical  
3. loud  
4. chocolate  
5. filter  
6. curly  
7. single  
8. classical  
9. soft  
10. direct  
11. vivid  
12. rapidly  
13. exceptionally  
14. major  
15. bitter  
16. razor sharp  
17. broad  
18. widely  
19. hugely  
20. narrowly  
Exercise 2

Now try to fit in one of the phrases from Exercise 1 into the following sentences.

1. She was a tall slim girl with brown .  
2. He is quite serious and prefers to pop or rock.  
3. I'll have a please as I am driving.  
4. Could I have a for two nights please?  
5. I was very lucky and managed to get a from Nairobi to Manchester.  
6. She is probably the most intelligent person in the government with her .  
7. The news was reporting a in southern Sudan.  
8. Honestly I can't believe it! She was robbed in and nobody tried to help her.  
9. I am afraid we can't leave early. We will have to stay to the .  
10. He's extremely and knows a lot about most subjects.  

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