Free Online English Lessons Common mistakes in spelling

Vocabulary, Level B1+


Look at the sentences below. In each sentence there is either a spelling mistake or a wrong word. Choose the word you think is correct. Let's have a look at an example first.

I saw them getting into there/their car and drive off. You should choose the word their as you are talking about the car which belongs to them. There is a pronoun as in "There's a big car!".

1. You really should asked before you borrowed his car.  
2. The of the film was really boring but it got better towards the end.  
3. Don't forget to give me your before you leave.  
4. It was such a programme that I turned over to watch the football instead.  
5. It is really difficult to find cheap in London.  
6. Don't forget to your swimming costume when you come to visit us next week.  
7. Yes, I will come to your party on Saturday.  
8. It never to him to take a taxi even thought it was past midnight.  
9. Please can I your dictionary for a minute?  
10. That was a really talk on how difficult English spelling is.  

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