Free Online English Lessons Comparatives

Grammar, Level B1+

We use comparatives a lot when we are talking about differences between people, places, books music and so on. Here is an example:

"I can't believe John is Peter's brother. He is so much taller."

The most important thing to remember when thinking about comparatives is that usually we put after the adjective to make the comparative (as in taller) and ...est to make the superlative as in this sentence: "He is the tallest person I have ever seen".

Of course there are some adjectives which are different - if there are two or more syllables we can't use that rule so we have to use more and most instead. And there is a spelling rule which you have to try to work out for yourself when you try the first exercise!

Exercise 1

Here are some easy ones! Choose the correct form of the adjective to complete the sentence.

1. Liverpool is than Chester.  
2. It is to stay in a bed and breakfast than in a hotel.  
3. His new car is much than his old one.  
4. This exercise is much (look at the spelling) than I thought it would be.  
5. John is much when it is cold and wet than he is when it is sunny and warm.  
6. Today in fact is the day of the year.  
7. I don't like Peter at all. In fact I think he is man I have ever met.  
8. Jack is much nicer than the rest of his family. He's definitely too.  
9. It was a very interesting lesson today. Much than the one we had last week.  
10. You often say stupid things but I think that is thing I have ever heard you say.  
Exercise 2

Here are some more difficult ones! Use the word at the end of the sentence to write the correct comparative or superlative to fit in the blank. Don't forget you may have to use more/most as well as

1. Mark's Spanish is than the other boys in his class. FLUENT  
2. You will miss the train again if you don't get up . EARLY  
3. Of all the politicians he seems to be . HONEST  
4. It is much to go by train than drive. QUICK  
5. It is to hitchhike now than it was when I was young. DANGEROUS  
6. Moscow is apparently the capital in the world. EXPENSIVE  
7. She lives from the school than I do, but walks much faster. FAR  
8. She ought to be a driver, then she wouldn't have so many accidents. CAREFUL  
9. I think this handwriting is probably I have ever seen! BAD  
10. I have time than you so could you buy the milk please? LITTLE  

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