Free Online English Lessons Confusing Words 1

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Students often mix up words in English. This is often because their own language uses words differently from English. Try these exercises to practise some of the more common problem confused words.

Exercise 1

Choose the right word to complete the sentence.

1. He me that he would be late today.  
2. She was me about her holiday when the bus came.  
3. I honestly can't what I was supposed to buy for supper tonight.  
4. I really like that picture. It me of the holiday we had in Egypt.  
5. I I pass the exam.  
6. I I hadn't eaten so much chocolate.  
7. Could you possibly me ten pounds until next week? I'm really broke.  
8. I was so broke I had to ten pounds from Judith.  
9. He hasn't finished his homework so he can't go out.  
10. David has done his homework so he can go out.  
Exercise 2

Choose the right word to complete the sentence.

1. It really isn't much waiting for the bus in the rain.  
2. He pulled a face to make me laugh.  
3. Shall we swimming tomorrow?  
4. Let's tennis this evening.  
5. He goes to every morning in spite of being 75 years old.  
6. His new is much better paid than his last one.  
7. She failed the exam so she will have to it again.  
8. Let's hope she it this time.  
9. This medicine will you getting malaria when you go to Africa.  
10. It is best to driving through the city centre if at all possible.  

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