Free Online English Lessons Confusing Words 2

Vocabulary, Level B2+

This exercise looks at what are often called confusing words. These are words which look the same as another word but have a totally different meaning.

Exercise 1

Complete the following sentences with the correct word.

1. Many people today are of the need to recycle much of their rubbish.  
2. He was a very student and always handed his work in on time.  
3. He asked me to him about the possibility of going to university in Great Britain.  
4. Thank you for your , it was really helpful.  
5. He tries to having to do any extra work whenever possible.  
6. We did everything we could to the illness from spreading further.  
7. It is important to regularly the schools to ensure the standards are maintained.  
8. We must the price of energy to ensure that people are not paying too much for basics.  
9. Cuts in spending in the education budget will have a serious on the standards of the schools.  
10. The strike will certainly the level of service we can provide.  
Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences with the correct word.

1. The hum of the air conditioning service was so annoying that we had to turn it off.  
2. Their arguing was really annoying.  
3. There is always the that the government will amend the new laws.  
4. If we leave now we will at least have a of getting the last train home.  
5. That old painting we discovered in the attic is . Apparently it is by one of the C16 old Dutch masters and worth a fortune.  
6. There was nothing of interest on sale in the shop. It was all old junk.  
7. The students listened in silence to their lecturer.  
8. He has a very job and is certainly not an out of work lay-about!  
9. He commented on the economic situation in Africa.  
10. before he left university he was offered a job in the Foreign Office.  

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