Free Online English Lessons Everyday Expressions 1

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Here are some everyday spoken English expressions that you would hear in Chester. Try these two exercises.

Exercise 1

Match column A with column B.

Column AColumn B
1. Did you have a good holiday? 
2. Let's have our lunch in the common room? 
3. I wish it would stop raining. 
4. I like your new coat. Was it expensive? 
5. Would you like some more vegetables? 
6. Shall I help you with the washing up? 
7. Where's my book? Have you got it? 
8. Could you lend me £15 until next week? 
9. That was a delicious meal, thank you. 
10. Get a move on. We'll be late! 
Exercise 2

Select the correct response from the box.

1. Shall I get you another drink?
2. What do you mean you're not coming?
3. I think I'll have the apple pie. What about you?
4. Excuse me. Have I met you somewhere before?
5. I can't stand the sight of him!
6. I think Andy was a bit rude in the pub last night.
7. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that pudding.
8. I could do with a break.
9. The bus was late again this morning.
10. She's a bit thick isn't she?

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