Free Online English Lessons Expressions with Get 2

Vocabulary, Level B2+

The word GET has many different meanings in English so this exercise looks at some of them. It is the kind of word you will see and hear everywhere and it can mean so many different things.


Match the words below to the best meaning of get used in the sentences.

SentenceMeaning of GET
1. I must get my hair cut, it looks terrible. 
2. Mary wanted to go to the cinema so she got someone else to do her homework for her. 
3. We will all get old one day. 
4. Can you please get my jacket for me, it is upstairs?  
5. How much does she get a week now that she's been promoted? 
6. It may be difficult to get to see him; he is a very busy man. 
7. Peter didn't get the joke and couldn't understand why everyone else was laughing. 
8. Did you get the card I sent you from France? 
9. Will you get the supper while I do the hovering? 
10. When did you get here? 

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