Free Online English Lessons Expressions with Lose

Vocabulary, Level B2+

This exercise will help to increase your knowledge of phrases in English which use the word lose.

Exercise 1

Try to match the meanings with their expressions.

1. to become angry suddenly 
2. to no longer know where someone lives or what they are doing 
3. to become too frightened to do something 
4. to become bald 
5. to forget an important fact 
6. to lose all sense of awareness 
7. to no longer remember how many times something has happened 
8. to no longer be respected by people 
9. to not get the opportunity or advantages that others are getting 
10. to become slimmer 
Exercise 2

Now fill in one of the phrases from above into the gaps in these sentences.

1. I didn't recognise you in that photo. It must have been taken before you . I hadn't realised how dark you were when you were young.  
2. She while working in Africa but she has put it all on again now.  
3. I wish he would listen to me. I've how many times I have asked him to keep the gate locked.  
4. People were very surprised when Brown decided not to call an election in July. I fear he may have with the electorate.  
5. He was going to ask Julia to marry him but at the last moment and started talking about the weather instead.  
6. If you don't complete the application form correctly you may on some of the benefits you are entitled to.  
7. We must be careful not the focus of this meeting, which is to discuss future marketing policy.  
8. Peter said that he no longer knew what James was up to as he had his whereabouts.  
9. Patsy fell off the roof and for a few minutes. She is all right but has a terrible headache.  
10. Be very careful not to make David angry! He can very quickly!  

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