Free Online English Lessons Expressions with Pay

Vocabulary, Level B2+

This lesson is about expressions with pay. See how many you know in the first exercise, and then practise in the second.

Exercise 1

Match the correct meanings with the expressions given.

1. pay lip service to something
2. pay someone a compliment
3. pay good money for something
4. pay through the nose for something
5. pay the penalty for doing something
6. pay your respects to someone
7. pay somebody back for something
8. pay someone off
9. pay up
10. pay for itself
Exercise 2

Now see if you can put the correct phrase in the gaps in the following sentences. You may have to change the tense.

1. At the end of the summer all the grape pickers were and returned to their homes.  
2. The new bridge cost a lot of money but the sponsors were confident that it would very soon it would .  
3. I'll for making me look such a fool in front of everyone!  
4. I think you for that car. You've only had it two days and it has broken down already.  
5. He looks terrible this morning. Do you think he is for having been drunk all week?  
6. Come on Peter. ! You know you owe me ten pounds.  
7. What do you mean it is only a copy and not a genuine Rolex? I paid for that watch!  
8. Please to your parents and wish them a happy anniversary.  
9. I can't believe it. Martin this morning. He said that my hair looks very nice. Do you think he's feeling OK?  
10. Most people in Britain don't go to church every week but they to the Church of England.  

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