Free Online English Lessons Film Vocabulary

Vocabulary, Level B1+

These exercises practise vocabulary about films. Try them to see how much you know, and don't forget to write down any new words in your vocabulary book.

Exercise 1

Try to match the types of film with their contents.

Film ContentsFilm Type
1. A short humorous film in which the characters are drawn 
2. A film that is set in the future and there are some imaginary scientific developments 
3. A type of film which combines comedy with a love story 
4. A film with a very exciting story that often involves a crime 
5. A film that tries to make the audience laugh 
6. A film that tells a true story, often shown on television 
7. A film in which the characters are drawn, made by computer or made from models 
8. An historical film, often made famous by the clothes the actors wear 
9. A film which tries to make the audience very frightened 
10. A serious film 
Exercise 2

Here are some more words connected to the film industry. Match the word with the meaning.

1. The music that goes with a film:  
2. A series of short sections of a film that are shown to advertise it:  
3. An informal word for the cinema:  
4. The person who is responsible for the artistic part of a film:  
5. A cinema with many different screens so it can show many films at the same time:  
6. A famous film actor:  
7. The person who is responsible for the business side of the film:  
8. The place where you go to see a film:  
9. Unusual sounds or images in films created artifically and using new technology:  
10. A list of people involved in making a film, usually shown at the end of it:  

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