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Vocabulary, Level B1+

We use informal English mostly in speaking, and with people we know well. Be careful not to use any of these phrases in formal situations! First, see how many you know, and then try to use them in the second exercise.

Exercise 1

Match the informal word(s) with their meanings.

MeaningInformal Expression
1. something you don't know the exact word for 
2. to be very rich 
3. to be very drunk 
4. to cause trouble 
5. something which was much more expensive than it ought to be 
6. football 
7. someone weak/feeble 
8. to criticise something 
9. keep calm 
10. to take a look at something 
Exercise 2

Now fit one of the above expressions into the blanks in these sentences.

1. Be careful what you say to Dave. He's always and upsetting people.  
2. I'm staying in to watch the tonight.  
3. Let's at your photos.  
4. it was only a joke!  
5. Don't it. This car has taken me all round Britain.  
6. He's such a , never willing to try anything new.  
7. Andy admitted being after the pub tour.  
8. That meal was a right . I'm never going there again!  
9. Have you seen his new lap-top? He must be .  
10. Where have you put the ? You know what I mean.  

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