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Vocabulary, Level B1+

This exercise is about informal English: this is language that British people will use when speaking with friends and people they know well. It's not at all suitable for formal situations, like meetings for example, and will rarely be used in written English. Can you work out the meanings of these phrases? Then see if you can use them correctly in the second exercise.

Exercise 1

Match the informal word(s) with their meanings.

MeaningInformal Expression
1. a really attractive woman 
2. to be fed up/annoyed 
3. an argument or fight 
4. something that's definite 
5. to make a right turn 
6. well done 
7. a cash point 
8. I'm leaving 
9. to relax in front of the TV 
10. dubious/curious 
Exercise 2

Now fit one of the above expressions into the blanks in these sentences.

1. Who's that girl with Andy tonight? She's .  
2. I'm not 100% sure but I think we need to to get to Mathew Street.  
3. A: Doing anything special tonight?
B: Thought I'd just with a couple of pints and a carry out.
4. Andy and Mathew had a right last night. They just couldn't agree on whose turn it was to organise the pub tour.  
5. I just don't understand him at all. If you ask me the whole situation is a bit .  
6. Can you hang on for a minute while I go to a . I've only got a couple of quid on me.  
7. A: Who do you think will win tonight?
B: Liverpool, it's a .
8. A: Guess what? I got the job I went for last week!
B: ! Drinks on you tonight!
9. You looked a bit . What's up?  
10. Right. . Got a job to do, see you later.  

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