Free Online English Lessons Love & Marriage

Vocabulary, Level B1+

This exercise practises vocabulary relating to love and marriage.

Exercise 1

Match the words below with their meanings.

1. A meeting between two people who have not met each other before. Often the meeting is arranged by their friends who would like them to have a romantic relationship. 
2. A woman or girl who helps a bride before and during the marriage ceremony. 
3. Your relatives by marriage. 
4. A woman on her wedding day. 
5. To ask someone formally to marry you. 
6. To agree to get married. 
7. A boy/man someone has a romantic relationship with. 
8. A holiday taken by a couple who have just got married. 
9. To be the third person with two people who have a romantic relationship. 
10. A celebration where a man who is about to get married spends time with his male friends. 
Exercise 2

Now complete the blank in the following sentences with one of the words or expressions from the list above.

1. It was terrible. I felt I was . Sam and Jo spent all the time looking into each others' eyes and didn't speak to me at all.  
2. Have you seen Mary recently? She looks really happy. Has she got a new or something?  
3. Richard got down on his knees to to Helen. It was so romantic. Luckily she said "yes" or I don't know what he would have done.  
4. The looked beautiful in her long white dress.  
5. Nick got so drunk on his that he wasn't able to go to work the following day.  
6. A: "How did you meet Tom?"
B: "Well it was very strange. Our friends had arranged for us to meet on a and we really liked each other immediately."
7. Where are you going for your ? Somewhere hot and romantic I hope.  
8. The trouble about getting married is that you acquire a whole new family and sometimes the can be quite difficult to get on with.  
9. The was really sweet. She was only 6 but took her responsibilities very seriously and followed the bride up the aisle.  
10. They last week but haven't decided when to get married yet. I expect they will wait a year or so.  

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