Free Online English Lessons Make or Do?

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Exercise 1

Which of the following do you make and which do you do? Put each one in the appropriate column.

1. your best 
2. a mistake 
3. a new friend 
4. the lunch 
5. you good 
6. something stupid 
7. a profit 
8. nothing 
9. a phone call 
10. homework 
11. your shoelaces 
12. a decision 
13. your bed 
14. a good impression 
15. badly/well 
16. me laugh 
17. a promise 
18. an offer 
19. duty 
20. appointment 
Exercise 2

Now complete the sentence with the correct form of the verbs make or do.

1. My host mother was angry because I went to school without my bed.  
2. If you look after the children I'll the supper.  
3. Don't me laugh! You never spoke to Madonna!  
4. If he doesn't change his attitude he'll really badly in his exam.  
5. Why are the police knocking at the door? You haven't really stupid again have you?  
6. He was about to a phone call when the lights went out.  
7. I'm worried about Martin. He nothing except complain about how tired he is.  
8. It is really important to a good impression when you meet your boy/girl friend's parents for the first time.  
9. If you don't your shoelaces you'll trip over!  
10. Don't worry. We all mistakes at times.  

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