Free Online English Lessons Phrasal Verbs 1

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Using phrasal verbs correctly is one of the hardest parts of learning English. These are all phrasal verbs with look. Can you match them with their meanings? Then try to write 5 sentences of your own using some of the phrasal verbs that you would like to remember.

Exercise 1

Try to match these meanings to the phrasal verbs.

MeaningsPhrasal Verbs
1. to watch an event without taking part 
2. to look carefully around you in order to find a particular person or thing 
3. to try and discover the facts about something 
4. to feel excited or happy about something 
5. to search for someone/thing 
6. to respect or admire someone 
7. to think about a time or event in the past 
8. to visit someone for a short time 
9. to examine something quickly 
10. to think you are better than someone 
Exercise 2

Try to fill the gap in each sentence with one of the verbs provided.

1. If you have a minute would you please Mrs Tripp? She hasn't been well this week.  
2. Many people on their schooldays with fondness, but I don't. I hated going to school.  
3. The police have asked the public to a white van being driven by someone dressed as Father Christmas.  
4. A: What are you doing on the floor? B: What do you think? I'm my contact lens.  
5. I wrote to the airline company and they promised to my complaint.  

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