Free Online English Lessons Phrasal Verbs 4

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Replace the word in brackets at the end of the sentence with a phrasal verb chosen from the box below. You may need to change the form of the verb. Try again if you get some wrong, and don't forget to write down a few of the phrasal verbs in your vocabulary book.

1. The dog was so old and ill that we had no option but to have him . (to kill kindly)  
2. She isn't really angry with you. She's just . (pretend)  
3. This year's results will have to be the loss we made last year. (compare)  
4. The government are using the television to the idea of a healthy diet. (explain an idea in a clear way)  
5. He claims that he did not have the drugs and that the police are . (organising things so that it someone is blamed for doing something illegal)  
6. I can't stand the way he is always trying to . (criticise)  
7. What really from the other students is his ability to remember facts so easily. (make someone different)  
8. The rules and regulations are all by the governing body. (state officially how something should be done)  

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