Free Online English Lessons Prefixes

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Lots of people need to increase their vocabulary and what better way than looking at prefixes? (That's the small words like dis, mis, en and un which you can put in front of other words to change their meaning.)

Exercise 1

Put the correct prefix in front of each of the following words to make a verb.

1. sure  
2. understand  
3. wrap  
4. like  
5. agree  
6. able  
7. obey  
8. large  
9. do  
10. behave  
Exercise 2

Now complete the following sentences, using one of the verbs in its correct form.

1. One of the soldiers was punished for orders.  
2. I'm afraid that you me. I said £40 not 14.  
3. We have many things in common, but we on music. He likes jazz but I prefer classical.  
4. John was so excited about his birthday that he had all his presents by 7 o'clock in the morning.  
5. When we had the photos we were able to make out the house in the distance.  
6. It's hot in there, so why don't you your coat?  
7. Are those children ? They seem to be making a lot of noise.  
8. This software you to calculate the percentages very quickly.  
9. The only trouble about winter is the dark mornings. I really getting up in the dark.  
10. "It is our job to your safety at all times so please keep to the footpaths and don't wander off", said the guide.  

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