Free Online English Lessons Prepositions 1

Grammar, Level B2+

Try to choose the correct preposition for each gap, and then note down some of the phrases and expressions you create and try to use them in your own sentences.


Fill in the correct preposition in the gaps.

1. I think we are all agreement.  
2. I'm feeling a bit colour this morning.  
3. Are you by any chance related David Jones the butcher?  
4. She was saved having to answer the question by the bell going.  
5. At last she succeeded passing her driving test.  
6. Moon rhymes spoon.  
7. The trouble having a holiday in England is the weather.  
8. I'm afraid you can't speak to John. He's duty.  
9. I was so surprised when I got a letter from him of the blue.  
10. Some people get really of breath when they have to come up to my office.  
11. She's just like her mother, she really takes her.  
12. When she came back to school, she was welcomed open arms.  
13. His new mobile phone is really date. It has all the latest games and so on.  
14. What a lovely scarf! How much did you pay it?  
15. You mustn't rely Mohammed to do your homework for you.  

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