Free Online English Lessons Prepositions 2

Grammar, Level B1+

Can you choose the correct preposition for each of these sentences? If you get some wrong the first time, try it again until you can get them all right.


See if you can complete the sentences using the correct preposition.

1. Have you heard the joke the dog and the elephant?  
2. When she returned from her 4 weeks in Chester, her mother welcomed her back open arms.  
3. Martin was tired after working for 8 hours a break.  
4. What's wrong Patsy today?  
5. Don't worry the spelling, I just want you to write something!  
6. I'm sick having to wash all the coffee cups at number 2.  
7. Are you really serious going to Cuba next month?  
8. What's the use planning a barbeque, it's bound to rain!  
9. I didn't want her to hear so I swore quietly my breath.  
10. After running up and down the stairs half a dozen times, I was of breath.  

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