Free Online English Lessons Prepositions 5

Grammar, Level B1+

This exercise will help you to practise your use of prepositions, an area that many students have problems with. Remember, keep doing the exercises again until you get them all right, and then try them again a week later to see if you can remember them.

Exercise 1

See if you can fill in the missing preposition in the following sentences. You can choose from of, to, with, after or for.

1. I'm going on holiday next week, can you look my cat for me?  
2. Don't lend any money him; he'll never pay you back.  
3. What's the matter Patsy today?  
4. Take no notice Harriet today, she's very busy.  
5. He apologised coming late to the lesson.  
6. Claire's terrified cows even though she grew up on a farm.  
7. That blue shirt really doesn't go very well your green trousers.  
8. Forgive me forgetting your birthday.  
9. That car isn't mine, it belongs my brother.  
10. He's very similar to his father in appearance but takes his mother in personality.  
Exercise 2

Now try these harder sentences. You can choose from for, from, of, to or with.

1. I disagree the government's new policy on defence.  
2. He's capable passing the exam but needs to work much harder.  
3. Switzerland is famous the chocolate it produces.  
4. What's the advantage taking the IELTS exam?  
5. What do you think the ban on smoking in public places?  
6. I borrowed this book Martin. Have you read it?  
7. I felt quite envious her being on holiday while I was at work.  
8. They charged him £350 changing the tyres on his car.  
9. The judge found him guilty fraud and sentenced him to three years imprisonment.  
10. You really can't blame him getting angry with you since you took his car without permission.  

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