Free Online English Lessons Prepositions 6

Grammar, Level B1+

This exercise will help you to practise your use of prepositions, an area that many students have problems with. Remember, keep doing the exercises again until you get them all right, and then try them again a week later to see if you can remember them.

Exercise 1

Decide which preposition can be used to complete the sentences.

1. Why don't you look up the meaning of the word the dictionary?  
2. I'm going the cinema tonight. Do you want to come?  
3. Stop complaining the weather. Let's just be happy that it's Saturday.  
4. Whose car is that? Surely it can't belong John?  
5. I don't really approve people smoking in the kitchen. Would you mind going outside?  
6. We spent the whole evening arguing what to watch on television. It was a complete disaster.  
7. Sheila seems very happy today. Do you think she's love?  
8. He apologised coming late and explained that there had been an accident on the motorway.  
9. I'm looking forward the week-end.  
10. It was very good him to buy me some flowers.  
Exercise 2

This time you have to choose the correct preposition from the choices given.

1. Charlie was very enthusiastic his new job.  
2. This type of wine is characteristic the Rhine region.  
3. I'm quite fond Peter really, in spite of his moodiness.  
4. He's really interested history of art and famous C18 artists.  
5. I have no intention giving up my car and replacing it with a bicycle.  
6. I'm sorry but your pink tie really doesn't go your red shirt.  
7. We eventually decided going on holiday to Spain and went to France instead.  
8. I'll do it. I'm an expert mending old machines.  
9. I'd like some information times of trains to Manchester please.  
10. It isn't my iPod. I borrowed it Michael.  

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