Free Online English Lessons Prepositions 7

Grammar, Level B1+

This exercise will help you to practise your use of prepositions, an area that many students have problems with. Remember, keep doing the exercises again until you get them all right, and then try them again a week later to see if you can remember them.

Exercise 1

Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentences.

1. When using your credit card it is very easy to get debt.  
2. Lend you £3000! You must be of your mind!  
3. second thoughts, I think I will have the salmon.  
4. It is only being advertised our website.  
5. Don't forget to keep touch!  
6. The winning numbers are all chosen random.  
7. Certain animal species are bred captivity to ensure their survival.  
8. He closed his eyes and jumped the water. It was so icy cold it took his breath away.  
9. We all laughed at him when he turned up at school his pyjamas.  
10. a glance I'd say it was written in Swedish.  
Exercise 2

Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentences.

1. No, you can't stay out until 13.00. It is far too late. It is of the question.  
2. Thank you for sending us your C.V. We will contact you due course.  
3. general, I'd say it was easier to learn a language when you are 10 than when you are 60.  
4. I can't remember the word. It is the tip of my tongue.  
5. It is a surprising fact that average, men earn 25% more than women.  
6. He specialises ancient Greek architecture.  
7. It can't have been John you saw last night. He is holiday in Croatia.  
8. Why on earth are they getting married? They have absolutely nothing common.  
9. You have to pay the rent three months advance.  
10. last! That is the end of this exercise!  

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