Free Online English Lessons Pull Expressions

Vocabulary, Level B2+

Exercise 1

See if you can match the expressions with their meanings in Column A.

Column AColumn B
1. try to improve your behaviour or work 
2. use the fact that you are more important than other people to persuade them to do what you want 
3. work as hard as other people who are doing the same job or taking part in the same activity 
4. try and trick/cheat someone by giving the incorrect information 
5. control your emotions and feelings 
6. trick or tease someone 
7. to explain clearly why something written or spoken is incorrect 
8. to use your influence in order to get something or help someone, especially when this is unfair 
9. make a huge effort to ensure that something is successful 
10. tell someone that you don't believe what they have just told you 
Exercise 2

Now try to put the correct expressions from the previous exercise in the blanks in the following sentences. Don't forget to put the verb in the right tense.

1. Because they wanted to impress the inspectors, the staff to make a good impression.  
2. Peter only got that job because his father and used his influence with the chairman of the company.  
3. Just . Everyone has boyfriend trouble at some time in their life.  
4. I really don't think David is at the moment. He is always pretending to be busy when he is really reading the paper.  
5. The lecturer was really horrid to me. My essay - he and told me to do it again!  
6. You can't have won the lottery! You're .  
7. Ibrahim tried to by telling me the cat had eaten his assignment but I knew that he hadn't finished it.  
8. I don't believe you had dinner with Kylie Minogue. !  
9. I think Frank when he told us we had to come to work on Saturday. Just because he is the boss.  
10. If you want to pass the exam you will really have to .  

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