Free Online English Lessons Take or Make?

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Can you decide whether to use make or take with each of these expressions? Sometimes, it can be difficult to work out! Then try to use the expressions in the sentences in the second exercise (be careful: you may need to change the tense of the verb!) Don't forget to note down any mistakes you make, and try the exercise again later to see if you can remember the correct answers.

Exercise 1

Which of the following do you take and which do you make?

1. part in something 
2. a risk 
3. progress 
4. pride in something 
5. a choice 
6. your time 
7. friends with someone 
8. a mistake 
9. an interest 
10. a good/bad impression 
11. an appointment 
12. a photograph 
13. trouble over something 
14. profit/loss 
15. pity on someone 
Exercise 2

Fill in the gap with one of the expressions from the previous exercise. You may have to alter the tense of the verb.

1. John is always willing to any fun activities that are going on. He's very sociable.  
2. There's no rush. .  
3. You have to . You can't buy both pairs!  
4. One of the nicest things about studying at English in Chester is the opportunity you have to people from all over the world.  
5. He of his new house so that all his friends could see where he lived.  
6. Eventually the teacher on the students and told them whether or not they had passed their exam.  
7. I wonder if I could to see the doctor some time tomorrow?  
8. Thank you so much for looking after me. I really appreciate you having to make me feel so welcome.  
9. Don't be late for your interview tomorrow. It's really important to if you want the job.  
10. I don't know why he wants to be a doctor. He has never in biology before!  

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