Free Online English Lessons Wishes & Regrets

Grammar, Level B1+

In this exercise, you will look at wishes and regrets. We wish things were different and we regret things we did in the past. So I can say "I wish I had written a letter to you last week". What sort of things do you wish and what do you regret?

Look at this table. It will help to explain the tenses we use in this exercise.

I wish I spoke Arabic (I am sorry that I don't speak Arabic)NowI wish (present) I spoke (past)
I wish I were/was somewhere warm and sunny (I am sorry that I am not somewhere warm and sunny)NowI wish (present) I was/were (past)
I wish/If only he didn't smoke (I am sorry that he smokes)NowI wish (present) he didn't smoke (past)
I wish he had a car (I am sorry he hasn't got a car)NowI wish (present) he had (past)
I wish/If only he would stop chewing gum (we use would to talk about things we would like people to (not)do) (I want him to stop chewing gum)NowI wish (present) he would (past)
I wish this car would start (I want this car to start)NowI wish (present) would start (past)
I wish I hadn't said that (I am sorry that I said that)PastI wish (present) I hadn't said (past perfect)
I wish I had gone to bed earlier last night (I am sorry I went to bed late last night)PastI wish (present) I hadn't gone (past perfect)

Complete the following sentences.

1. I wish he wouldn't .  
2. If only his .  
3. She wishes she hadn't .  
4. He wishes he had .  
5. If only I had .  
6. I wish it would .  
7. If only Liverpool would .  
8. I wish he would stop .  
9. If only she hadn't .  
10. I wish I didn't .  

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