Free Online English Lessons Word Building 2

Vocabulary, Level B1+

This exercise is about word building. When you know one word in English, it is often easy to make several new words from that one root word. For example, if you take the word KIND, which is an adjective; (she's such a kind person), you can also make the noun kindness, the adverb kindly, the opposite unkind, unkindly etc.

Exercise 1

Look at the sentences below. There is a gap in each sentence. Try to make a word to fit into the gap using the word in capitals at the end of the sentence. You may need the opposite, or an adjective, or adverb, so read each sentence carefully.

1. John's tooth was very so he has to go to the dentist. PAIN  
2. I like that shop assistant. She's very . HELP  
3. I had to handle the machine carefully, as it was very . BREAK  
4. Jen was eating a very apple and obviously enjoying it. CRUNCH  
5. Don't forget to your shoelaces before taking them off. TIE  
6. I wasn't very happy with the hotel we were staying in. In fact I was very . SATISFY  
7. I asked Martin to my pencil for me. SHARP  
8. He gave us a great deal of before the exam. ENCOURAGE  
9. That is a terrible song. It is completely . TUNE  
10. What a shirt! Green, yellow and purple! COLOUR  
Exercise 2

The next ones are a little more difficult.

1. I'm afraid that your behaviour is just not . ACCEPT  
2. There's a mistake on the bill. I think they have us for the wine. It can't have cost £40! CHARGE  
3. It's most to try and cook a whole chicken on the barbeque. PRACTICAL  
4. Have you seen that old film "The of the Long-distance Runner"? LONELY  
5. He had following the thread of the argument and so lost all interest in what was going on. DIFFICULT  
6. Your place at the university is on your getting a band 7 in your IELTS. CONDITION  
7. Many young people today have a much higher income than their parents had. DISPOSE  
8. Although it wasn't all his fault, I do think he is to blame. PART  
9. This latest energy report highlights the total of our oil reserves. ADEQUATE  
10. There was a about the timing of the lecture and a number of students failed to turn up at the right time. UNDERSTAND  

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