Free Online English Lessons Word Building 3

Vocabulary, Level B1+

Exercise 1

Look at the following words and decide which ones have the prefix "dis" and which the prefix "un".

1. appear  
2. happy  
3. like  
4. healthy  
5. courage  
6. respectful  
7. satisfied  
8. comfortable  
9. helpful  
10. willing  
Exercise 2

Now complete the sentences by putting in the correct word into the gaps.

1. I've got a terrible backache this morning. My new bed is very .  
2. Some people eat beef-burgers and chips every day. It's a very  
3. He hates all vegetables and he especially carrots.  
4. Peter warned me not to go to that shop as the assistants were so .  
5. Why is David looking so ? Has something awful happened?  
6. It really is quite to walk out of the lesson without any explanation.  
7. We were all very both with the meal and the service in the new restaurant. I don't think we will go there again.  
8. We tried to him from giving up his job before he had found a new one but he insisted.  
9. To begin with she was to help but we managed to persuade her to give us a hand.  
10. I waved goodbye until the train from view.  

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