Free Online English Lessons Word Building 4

Vocabulary, Level B2+

Exercise 1

Match one of the following prefixes with the following words: over, self or ultra.

1. -taught  
2. eaten  
3. -modern  
4. -centred  
5. cooked  
6. -sensitive  
7. weight  
8. staffed  
9. -explanatory  
10. estimate  
Exercise 2

Now complete the sentences by putting in the correct word into the gaps.

1. The trouble with Martin is that he is . He gets upset so easily.  
2. I can't eat these carrots. They are all mushy. They have been .  
3. 75% of adults between the ages of 22 and 49 are . Doctors blame the increase in junk food and the lack of exercise.  
4. I would love to live in one of those flats they have built in the city centre.  
5. There are staff just standing around not doing anything in that office. Are they just lazy or do you think the company is ?  
6. It's easy. Just follow the diagram and the rest is .  
7. I really admire his achievements. He didn't have any formal education and is completely .  
8. Many people the value of their houses and are very disappointed when they are told the real value.  
9. Gosh. I'm full! I've definitely and shouldn't have had that last piece of cake!  
10. I wish he would consider other people sometimes. He's the most person I have ever met.  

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