EIC People

It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.

Group Leader


Argentina, Junior Groups

Back in 1998 I came to English in Chester and joined a course for Overseas Teachers of English. I had a fantastic time then, learnt a lot and fell in love with the city of Chester.

After many years, when my own son and his school friends felt the need for a good English experience in a unique atmosphere, I immediately thought of English in Chester! To my surprise, I found the school had grown a lot and now offered a wide variety of courses.

Then I came to Chester -as a group leader- with a group of teenagers and they had the study trip of their lives! So much so that straight after many other students followed.

We have to thank English in Chester for living up to our expectations and more! At English in Chester we had high academic standards as well as a great overall experience.

The school team is superb and our Argentinian students loved the school because they had the opportunity to have challenging classes, the thrill of first-hand experience, and the sense of belonging to the English culture for a while.

Sharing everyday life in a warm and welcoming atmosphere has turned our visits into unforgettable ones. This couldn’t have become true of course, if it had not been for the careful organization, excellent host families allocated, the great nationality mix available and the opportunity to make friends from the all of the world.

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