EIC People

It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.


Leticia and Neil

Leticia and Neil are a lovely couple that live in a popular area of Chester. Leticia is a baker. Neil is a decorator. The couple enjoy cooking and travelling. They have three children. 

Many students have enjoyed staying with Leticia and Neil. Here is some of their feedback: 

'They're really nice people. They offered me so many things, always picked me up in the evenings and gave me enough free time.' Marlene, Austria

'I feel honoured that I was a part of my homestay family. I will never forget their kindness. They will always have a special place in my heart, I appreciate the opportunity to meet my family.' Juyeong, Korea

'My accommodation was very good. My host family game me very much freedom in what I  would like to do and when I needed time for me. In addition, they supported me to improve my English very well. I would change nothing. They are a perfect host-family!' Regina, Germany

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Here Leticia answers some of our questions:

What do you like about hosting students?

We as a family, enjoy learning about different cultures . We enjoy meeting new people and welcoming people from around the world to become part of our family.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories you have had with a student? 

We have many fabulous memories, from going up the Great Orm with Christian from Colombia, climbing Mount Snowden with Luigi from Switzerland, sharing a bottle of red wine with Alex from Paris watching a movie with the whole family and laughing at his stories. More recently, spending an evening with Joo from South Korea and Roderigo from Brazil. Roderigo cooked that night and Joo served the meal. We had an amazing evening we will not forget.

Do you think your student’s English improves during their stay with you?

Yes , we do think our students English improves while they stay with us. We all eat together as a family which results in many very interesting conversations. I personally like to help the students with their English homework if they ask me to.

Is there any advice/information you would like to give the students who stay with you?

We like students to have as much private time as they wish but we also like them to spend as much time with us as they would like. We always eat together as a family but we are very flexible and don't mind if they wish to eat out or eat later in the evening. We like students to become part of our family and they have the freedom to do as they wish during the evening, or at the weekend. We look forward to meeting any students who would wish to stay with us in the near future.

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