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It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.



Indonesia, Vacation Course for Teenagers

Branita enjoyed 4 weeks on our Vacation Course for Teenagers. This course is based at a University of Chester campus. The main course aims are to have fun with English, make new friends from all over the world and enjoy visiting some of the best places in the UK. This is what Branita told us about her time at EiC. 

I improved my English because I liked my classes and my teachers. I learned a lot. The Mentors are also fun, very cheerful and very helpful. They're very nice and they gave me confidence. 

I love my homestay hosts too because they're very friendly and they're like my best friends. I love talking with them. I love my room too. I will miss my host family and the house. Oh ya, and I will miss Kat (the cat). Also I will miss my roommates. Valentina, Haidy, and Claudia, we have lots of fun and I will never forget those guys. 

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I really liked the excurisons. Liverpool and Manchester were great but North Wales was my favourite. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. 

Over all, I love EIC. It's a lot of fun and it gave me lots of new experiences and great memories. I'm sad to leave EIC.

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