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It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.



Spain, CLIL

Why did you choose English in Chester’s CLIL Booster Course?

I had looked for many CLIL courses in different schools and when I found the CLIL Booster course at English in Chester I just knew that was the course I was looking for. The contents, the school aims, the timing was just what I needed, on top of an excellent location easy to get to from Barcelona.

Normally when you read the course information on a website / brochure you tend to think that the course outcome will be rather different. In this case was just the opposite, from the very first email the administration staff were super professional and helpful, what made all the enrolment process very easy. Then all the school information about the organisation before starting the course was very clear and efficient.

What did you think about your lessons in terms of structure and materials?

All the lessons were very well-structured and meaningful. It was easy to track the progress in contents as they moved on. The resources used in all the lessons were very helpful and useful. Very clear objectives and activities and professional and approachable teachers were a successful cocktail.

What did you think about the teachers and the teaching methods?

The teachers we got in the course were just excellent. They were super professional, well-organised and always ready to help from the very beginning. The made us feel welcome and they adapted to our needs making us focus on what we needed to improve our knowledge. It was easy to see how well the course was prepared and how much effort staff at English in Chester dedicated to this course.

I feel my language needs were met and anytime we needed some help with our English the teachers were there to help us out.

How do you feel after the course?

After the course I feel that I have improved my teaching skills. It is a great feeling when you just come back from a Development Course and you feel you have learned so much and all that learning is so easy to use back at work. It is nothing worse that the sensation of wasting your time (and money) but after the training course at English in Chester you just get the opposite.

Did you enjoy your experience in the city of Chester?

It is easy to like Chester. It is a friendly, vibrant and beautiful city. Social time is very important after a busy day at school and Chester is a perfect place for that. The city is safe and easy to navigate makes everyone feel like at home.

What would be your advice to other teachers who are looking for a Teacher Development Course? 

I would tell them that English in Chester is very well organised and very professional starting from the administration staff. All the pre-course stage is made very simple what helps students a lot. Once there you feel at home from the very beginning, as everyone at English in Chester is there to help you. I would tell them that for what I could see, not just in my course but when talking with other students, all the courses seem to be very well organised, very professional and meaningful. I would recommend them just to go and to enjoy their course in Chester!

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