EIC People

It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.




I was recommended to study at English in Chester by my father. He told me that I will definitely learn the language and enjoy my time in Chester. I gave it a lot of thought and after visiting English in Chester’s website and Instagram I decided to go ahead! 

My first goal was improving my English to be able to pass the IELTS exam to go to University. In only two months my English improved and I achieve the exam result I wanted, but I didn’t move to the University because I wanted to develop my English more. 

I really enjoyed each moment living in Chester with such friendly people and making new friends from all over the globe.

Chester is the best city to live and to learn English. I would say it’s an amazing place to have an English course and furthermore learning from another cultures.

I enjoyed my free time doing different things such as hanging out with friends, walking around and discovering new activities in the city. 

I went to a lot of places during my time in Chester like Liverpool, Manchester, London, York, Shrewsbury, The Lake District and North Wales as part of the school’s social programme. I liked North Wales and The Lake District the most because I like the countryside and nature. 

At the beginning of my course in Chester I thought it will be difficult to get on with life in the city due to the fact that I’m from a different culture, but I didn’t realise how easy it was getting on with everybody in the city. Also in the school the classes and the social programme made it easier for me to integrate quickly.

Everything was much more better than I expected!

At the end of my course I realised that learning at English in Chester has made a huge difference in my English, compared to when I first arrived, and it has definitely improved a lot since! Now I’m absolutely convinced and confident about my language skills. During my time in Chester I also l learnt a lot from many people about their cultures and even how to introduce myself in their languages! Moreover, this experience hasn’t improved just my English, it made me a totally different person and changed my life. 

I think studying at English in Chester was certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can’t explain how thankful I am to the school for making this great experience possible and honestly it was the best time I’ve ever had!

My advice for future students is try to experience as much as you can, socialise with everyone in the school and speak in English all the time with your friends and you will see a big difference in the end!

English in Chester isn’t just an English language school, it is very big family which spreads all over the world and I’m very happy to be belonging to this family!

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