Living in Chester

Chester is home for our students for the duration of their course. Living here is a rich experience. The past and the present, young and old, traditional and trendy are all combined in a unique way in Chester.

Chester is a medium-sized city and this is attractive for many students. Big cities are often impersonal and difficult to get to know. Very small places can be very quiet. Chester is never dull. It is large enough to offer varied and exciting experiences, yet small enough to get to know really well.

There is a little bit of everything in Chester. Just a few minutes' walk from the school you will find fashionable cafes and boutique shops in historic mediaeval buildings. From the ancient walls you can see our old horse racing track, dating from 1539 and our indoor sports centre. This is a city where the most complete Roman amphitheatre in Britain is opposite one of the coolest night clubs in the region. Chester is just as famous for its shopping as its architecture. There is a lot to see and do.

Chester is a tourist city and visitors mix with the local people. We also have a lot of British visitors, many coming from the bigger cities in our region. Where there are tourists there are a lot of places for them to visit and relax. Our restaurants are good and there are plenty of places to have coffee or a drink. The cultural life of the city is vibrant with many opportunities for a night out. Chester's shops have something for everyone, with an excellent range of high-quality shopping opportunities.

Haoyuan, China

These 3 weeks in Chester were the greatest and best experience ever in my life. I've met so many nice friends and teachers and Chester is also a nice place to visit. I hope that I can come here again.

Some of our favourite places to go and things to do in Chester...

  • Bar Lounge

    Bar Lounge

    Located between the school and the city centre - always busy and great food.

  • Sightseeing


    Sail up the River or enjoy an evening disco cruise on the Lady Diana.

  • Markets


    Explore local and continental flavours in our regular city centre markets.

  • Shopping


    Our shops are great and attract students and people from around the region.

  • Tennis


    Prepare for Wimbledon and practise your tennis on our public courts.

  • Christmas


    Chester is a "city for all seasons" and Christmas time is very special here.

  • Cruise


    With two clubs in one, Cruise is really popular with students at the weekend.

  • Boating


    Messing around on the River in a rowing or pedal boat is always fun.

  • Horse Racing

    Horse Racing

    Racing on the Roodee on England's oldest racecourse, very near the school.

  • Exploring


    Cycle or walk around the city and discover many hidden treasures.

  • Telford's Warehouse

    Telford's Warehouse

    Eating out is a real pleasure and there is a lot of choice in Chester.

  • Storyhouse


    Storyhouse is a theatre, cinema and library, featuring home-produced and internationally acclaimed work.