EIC People

It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.


Ian and Jane

Ian and Jane own a fruit and vegetable shop and a party shop in a local market. They have grown up sons and daughters who live close by. The family enjoy shopping and sports, spending time with their grandchildren and walking their friendly dog Maise.

"We are a laid back and very easy going family, we always interact with our students and make them feel at home. During your visit, our house is your home so relax and I hope you enjoy your stay with us"

How Long have you been hosting for English in Chester?

Approximately  25 years

What do you like about hosting students?

Getting to know about their home life, and the different lifestyles they have in their country.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories/experiences you have had with a student?

There are many, we still speak to students we hosted 10 years ago and it's good to talk about how they have grown up, and everything they wanted out of life. They still call us their English mother and father.

Do you think your students English language improves during their stay with you?

Yes because we always make them speak English in our home!

Is there anything you would like to say or any information you would to give to the student that is about to stay with you?

We are very laid back, and the food will be good for you! Our home is your home!


“I think I was very lucky getting a host family like mine. They are the kindest people I've ever met. They are really talkative and they gave us lots of attention. Also the atmosphere is very peaceful and nice. I also really like the house. Everything is so beautiful in there. This is the first time I've been to an English family that cook the meal all themselves and food is simply delicious. I really enjoyed staying with this amazing and friendly family. I will remember their kindness and keep their love in my heart forever. I wish to meet them one day again” Valerie, Czech Republic

“Everything was perfect, you immediately felt like a part of the family. They cooked great food and the house was comfy and cute. The house was very close to the bus stop and they were good at helping and giving directions” Jessica, Sweden

“I liked that the family always interact with us and they help us when we need it. They are the best family because they are very nice and hospitable” Noemi, Italy

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Switzerland, Exam Preparation

My name is Julian and I stayed in Chester for 12 weeks.

I chose English in Chester because I didn’t want to go to a big school, and I liked the relatively small size of English in Chester. Also, I like smaller cities better than big ones, and Chester looked about the right size for me.

I took an exam preparation course and during the lessons my teachers taught in a very “alive” way, so to speak. They interacted with the students not in a classical teacher-student kind of way, but instead interacted with us truly from person to person and on the same level. Often, the lessons wouldn’t feel like school at all, but more like a group of friends just sitting together.

After my course I feel that I accomplished the goals I had set myself before taking the course. I took the CAE exam and scored a 205. I am currently studying economics at university. Due to the nature of that subject, English is a requirement in most jobs in this field. I do believe that the exam I took will be very helpful to me in my future.

I really enjoyed my experience in Chester! I lived with a very nice host-family. Also, as a very passionate euphonium player, I was very happy to be able to play with the City of Chester Brass Band during my stay.

I would strongly recommend English in Chester. The school is very well organised. You can tell that the students success is very important to the whole staff and the school also offers a lot and excellent social programme!


Brother and Sister Bernie and Natalia

El Salvador, General English

What has been the best part of your experience?

We can't choose only one thing of the whole experience that we lived in England. But we are sure that meeting people from all around the world was one of the best parts of being in Chester, and also, to be with a homestay, our hosts were the best! The friends we made and the teachers that taught us, we enjoyed so many things!

What do you think about the city of Chester?

Chester is a beautiful city, it’s full of Roman History, months before arriving we search on the internet about the city and we were astonished of the pictures that we saw.

Taking an English language course in Chester is one of the best options you have if you really want to improve your English, and not only that, outside the school you can talk to people and everybody will be kind with you, just don’t be afraid to do it, that’s another way to keep improving and to keep learning.

We used to walk after classes, to explore the city and to talk to our friends. My brother in the afternoons used to go for a run, I used to go for shopping, to hangout and to talk to our host-family about the culture of our country and we used to ask questions and advices on how to keep improving our English.

Did you have the opportunity to explore other places?

Yes, before starting classes in EIC we stayed six days in London, we visited Tower Bridge, The Big Ben, we went on a ferry tour on the River Thames, and we also visited The Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford that was insane, we were thrilled and it was an experience of a life time; when we arrived in Chester, the first weekend the School organized a tour to North Wales, we visited Llandudno, Snowdonia National Park and we had the opportunity to visit Conwy Castle, it’s full of history, really interesting. After that we organized with our group of friends a mini tour to Liverpool and the last weekend we visited Manchester. (We loved everything)

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What do you think about the school, the classes, your accommodation and the social programme? Is everything as you expected it to be or different?

We had good expectations about the school but it was more than we could imagine, we loved the social programmes, the classes were full of fun and learning, the accommodation was excellent, we stayed with such a kind and warm family, the experience of living with a British family is something else, it was great and something that every student should try, living with a host family will add some benefits to your English. 


Has learning English been easy or difficult? Why?

We can't say it was easy but in our country we studied English for 4 years so we had an acceptable English level when we arrived but it's completely different when you are in a country that you have to speak English only. You need to be more confident and to stop being afraid of making a mistake that’s a reason why you are studying English because it’s not your native language. “Make a mistake, learn from it, and keep on going”.


Do you think your English has improved?

Definitely, our English is better now, we stayed there for one month and that time helped us learning more and more, it wasn't so much time but the methodology that EIC has will help you to improve your English and you are going to accomplished more than you could expected.


Apart from the language, we also learned that you have to make it count every single day and to enjoy every opportunity that life’s giving you, and the most important is that you have to appreciate the little things, you can have a bad day but you need to stand up and keep moving forward. We also learned that you can actually meet excellent friends and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often.

What's your advice for future students?

You won’t regret the opportunity to study in English in Chester, you are going to love the city, the people, the weather, the history, your future friends and teachers, you’ll love the classes, the social programmes, and if you choose to stay with a host-family you are going to appreciate then, if we’re honest, you are going to love every minute there. Just make it count. This kind of opportunities will change your life forever and will make a positive impact in you. If we had the opportunity to go back we will definitely choose English in Chester again.

Natalia & Bernie.



Spain, CLIL

Why did you choose English in Chester’s CLIL Booster Course?

I had looked for many CLIL courses in different schools and when I found the CLIL Booster course at English in Chester I just knew that was the course I was looking for. The contents, the school aims, the timing was just what I needed, on top of an excellent location easy to get to from Barcelona.

Normally when you read the course information on a website / brochure you tend to think that the course outcome will be rather different. In this case was just the opposite, from the very first email the administration staff were super professional and helpful, what made all the enrolment process very easy. Then all the school information about the organisation before starting the course was very clear and efficient.

What did you think about your lessons in terms of structure and materials?

All the lessons were very well-structured and meaningful. It was easy to track the progress in contents as they moved on. The resources used in all the lessons were very helpful and useful. Very clear objectives and activities and professional and approachable teachers were a successful cocktail.

What did you think about the teachers and the teaching methods?

The teachers we got in the course were just excellent. They were super professional, well-organised and always ready to help from the very beginning. The made us feel welcome and they adapted to our needs making us focus on what we needed to improve our knowledge. It was easy to see how well the course was prepared and how much effort staff at English in Chester dedicated to this course.

I feel my language needs were met and anytime we needed some help with our English the teachers were there to help us out.

How do you feel after the course?

After the course I feel that I have improved my teaching skills. It is a great feeling when you just come back from a Development Course and you feel you have learned so much and all that learning is so easy to use back at work. It is nothing worse that the sensation of wasting your time (and money) but after the training course at English in Chester you just get the opposite.

Did you enjoy your experience in the city of Chester?

It is easy to like Chester. It is a friendly, vibrant and beautiful city. Social time is very important after a busy day at school and Chester is a perfect place for that. The city is safe and easy to navigate makes everyone feel like at home.

What would be your advice to other teachers who are looking for a Teacher Development Course? 

I would tell them that English in Chester is very well organised and very professional starting from the administration staff. All the pre-course stage is made very simple what helps students a lot. Once there you feel at home from the very beginning, as everyone at English in Chester is there to help you. I would tell them that for what I could see, not just in my course but when talking with other students, all the courses seem to be very well organised, very professional and meaningful. I would recommend them just to go and to enjoy their course in Chester!




I was recommended to study at English in Chester by my father. He told me that I will definitely learn the language and enjoy my time in Chester. I gave it a lot of thought and after visiting English in Chester’s website and Instagram I decided to go ahead! 

My first goal was improving my English to be able to pass the IELTS exam to go to University. In only two months my English improved and I achieve the exam result I wanted, but I didn’t move to the University because I wanted to develop my English more. 

I really enjoyed each moment living in Chester with such friendly people and making new friends from all over the globe.

Chester is the best city to live and to learn English. I would say it’s an amazing place to have an English course and furthermore learning from another cultures.

I enjoyed my free time doing different things such as hanging out with friends, walking around and discovering new activities in the city. 

I went to a lot of places during my time in Chester like Liverpool, Manchester, London, York, Shrewsbury, The Lake District and North Wales as part of the school’s social programme. I liked North Wales and The Lake District the most because I like the countryside and nature. 

At the beginning of my course in Chester I thought it will be difficult to get on with life in the city due to the fact that I’m from a different culture, but I didn’t realise how easy it was getting on with everybody in the city. Also in the school the classes and the social programme made it easier for me to integrate quickly.

Everything was much more better than I expected!

At the end of my course I realised that learning at English in Chester has made a huge difference in my English, compared to when I first arrived, and it has definitely improved a lot since! Now I’m absolutely convinced and confident about my language skills. During my time in Chester I also l learnt a lot from many people about their cultures and even how to introduce myself in their languages! Moreover, this experience hasn’t improved just my English, it made me a totally different person and changed my life. 

I think studying at English in Chester was certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can’t explain how thankful I am to the school for making this great experience possible and honestly it was the best time I’ve ever had!

My advice for future students is try to experience as much as you can, socialise with everyone in the school and speak in English all the time with your friends and you will see a big difference in the end!

English in Chester isn’t just an English language school, it is very big family which spreads all over the world and I’m very happy to be belonging to this family!

Group Leader


Argentina, Junior Groups

Back in 1998 I came to English in Chester and joined a course for Overseas Teachers of English. I had a fantastic time then, learnt a lot and fell in love with the city of Chester.

After many years, when my own son and his school friends felt the need for a good English experience in a unique atmosphere, I immediately thought of English in Chester! To my surprise, I found the school had grown a lot and now offered a wide variety of courses.

Then I came to Chester -as a group leader- with a group of teenagers and they had the study trip of their lives! So much so that straight after many other students followed.

We have to thank English in Chester for living up to our expectations and more! At English in Chester we had high academic standards as well as a great overall experience.

The school team is superb and our Argentinian students loved the school because they had the opportunity to have challenging classes, the thrill of first-hand experience, and the sense of belonging to the English culture for a while.

Sharing everyday life in a warm and welcoming atmosphere has turned our visits into unforgettable ones. This couldn’t have become true of course, if it had not been for the careful organization, excellent host families allocated, the great nationality mix available and the opportunity to make friends from the all of the world.




I found English in Chester through an ETO, Access International, and after talking to them they said Chester had everything you are looking for. Doubtless I decided to enrol.

In the school the lessons went beyond my expectations. Never thought I was going to learn so easily and fast.

It’s hard to say what was the best part of my stay in Chester, I enjoyed every activity: the school, my homestay, playing football, going to the gym, trying the English beer, making new friends and travelling around the country.

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After my experience I feel my English has definitely improved, this is because I spent nearly a year learning and focusing on every lesson. Now I can understand and speak English fluently.

Also, staying in homestay improved added to my experience! I highly recommend it. I’m still in touch with them. The best and most efficient way to improve your English is by doing so!

I think learning English at English in Chester changed my life. Not only me but all my classmates said that the experience was truly unique. Personally, I met fantastic people. I could immerse myself in a culture I had never experienced by living and spending time with natives. 


Rebecca and Ian

Rebecca and Ian live in a 4 bedroomed house in a popular area of Chester. Rebecca is a hospital Ward Manager and enjoys walking, reading, music and concerts. Ian is an Events Supervisor. He enjoys sports and puzzles. Rebecca's daughter lives at home and attends the local school. Ian's 2 daughters are both students and they visit at weekends and in the school holidays. The family have a West Highland Terrier dog called Minty. The student room has an en-suite bathroom.

The couple say:

"We want all our students to feel safe and welcome here in our household, we always offer support and advice to make their stay an enjoyable experience."

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What do you like about hosting students?

As homestay hosts for the last nine years, It has been a pleasure to accommodate students from all age groups and nationalities. It is very rewarding for us as hosts to see the students develop their skills and confidence in English language.
Being there for help and guidance makes us feel we are making our students feel safe and supported at all times.

Tell us about one of your favourite experiences you have had with a student?

One student in particular, a charming gentleman from Rome named Paulo, attended our family birthday party which he loved being involved in. He was the life and soul of the party and everyone had great affection for him. It was a wonderful evening.


"Everything has been perfect, Ian and Becky have been the best, nice, friendly. I've been really comfortable" Maria, Spain

"The bedroom was really comfortable because I had my own en-suite bathroom. Ian and Rebecca have been extremely nice with me and also, they've helped me a lot in everything" Sebastian, Italy

I liked Everything, they were so kind supportive, friendly...etc. I would recommend them for everyone I know" Ines, Germany


Susan and Alan

Susan & Alan live in a very comfortable three bedroom home in a quiet area of Chester. Their garden is beautiful with a large pond. Susan, is a housewife and she enjoys swimming, reading, cycling and theatre. Alan works at the hospital and enjoys sport, music, model helicopters and other machine-making hobbies.

The couple say: We like to think we are a welcoming couple who make our students feel part of the family and not a student within the family home, giving them the independence they want but the support they need when the time arrives. We are approachable and friendly and flexible. Meal times are a family time and a good variation of meals are provided. We like to involve the student in leisure and social activities wherever they feel it’s convenient for them. 

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Many happy students have stayed with Susan and Alan. Here is some of their feedback: 

'I think I had the best homestay. I am so grateful to Alan and Susan. They are my best friends now.' Tenger, Turkey.

'Our host family was very familiar and we had much fun together. We could talk about everything together.' Sandra, Switzerland

'They are helpful with information about the city and the school and are available for any requests.' Antonella, Italy

Here Susan answers some of our questions: 

 What do you like about hosting?

Hosting students for us gives us opportunities to share culture and conversation,gives us a common interest where we work together keeping us feeling younger and more active in the meantime.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite experiences as EiC hosts?

Our fondest experience is with two Brazilian brothers Marcos and Marcello. They feel like part of our family now as we are always in contact with them and without fail every Christmas morning we get a telephone call from them.

Do you think your student’s English language improves during their stay with you?

We like to think so, it’s very dependent on the mind-set of the individual student and how much they socialise outside of their cultural group. We do our best to enhance their English by encouraging conversation at meal times and down time from the school.


Sue and Derek

Sue and Derek live in a spacious five bedroom house. Sue is a housewife, she enjoys quizes and card games.  Derek is retired and likes gardening, DIY and Liverpool FC.  They are both members of the National Trust and enjoy going on outings to different historic buildings and gardens. Their son Robert is a mechanic, he likes music, go-karting and snowboarding.  Both of the student rooms are very comfortable and there are two bathrooms in the home. There is also a conservatory where students can relax in the evening.

Sue and Derek say:

We like students to feel comfortable in our home and treat it like their own. We include students in all that we do. We are a close family and our  sons and daughter visit on a regular basis so expect to see new faces from time to time! We like meeting people from different countries, getting to know about them and their families and finding out about their way of life compared to ours. We like the fact that some students like to return to our home year after year!

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Lots of students have enjoyed staying with Sue and Derek. Here is some of their feedback:

'I had an absolutely great and fantastic stay. I'll definitely come back to visit them, when I'm in England.' Laura, Germany

'My bedroom was very comfortable. I liked the food. My host family was very friendly to me.' Alessia, Italy

'My bedroom is very comfortable. The food is very tasty and healthy. My hosts are very friendly and kind.' Aleksandra, Russia


Leticia and Neil

Leticia and Neil are a lovely couple that live in a popular area of Chester. Leticia is a baker. Neil is a decorator. The couple enjoy cooking and travelling. They have three children. 

Many students have enjoyed staying with Leticia and Neil. Here is some of their feedback: 

'They're really nice people. They offered me so many things, always picked me up in the evenings and gave me enough free time.' Marlene, Austria

'I feel honoured that I was a part of my homestay family. I will never forget their kindness. They will always have a special place in my heart, I appreciate the opportunity to meet my family.' Juyeong, Korea

'My accommodation was very good. My host family game me very much freedom in what I  would like to do and when I needed time for me. In addition, they supported me to improve my English very well. I would change nothing. They are a perfect host-family!' Regina, Germany

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Here Leticia answers some of our questions:

What do you like about hosting students?

We as a family, enjoy learning about different cultures . We enjoy meeting new people and welcoming people from around the world to become part of our family.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories you have had with a student? 

We have many fabulous memories, from going up the Great Orm with Christian from Colombia, climbing Mount Snowden with Luigi from Switzerland, sharing a bottle of red wine with Alex from Paris watching a movie with the whole family and laughing at his stories. More recently, spending an evening with Joo from South Korea and Roderigo from Brazil. Roderigo cooked that night and Joo served the meal. We had an amazing evening we will not forget.

Do you think your student’s English improves during their stay with you?

Yes , we do think our students English improves while they stay with us. We all eat together as a family which results in many very interesting conversations. I personally like to help the students with their English homework if they ask me to.

Is there any advice/information you would like to give the students who stay with you?

We like students to have as much private time as they wish but we also like them to spend as much time with us as they would like. We always eat together as a family but we are very flexible and don't mind if they wish to eat out or eat later in the evening. We like students to become part of our family and they have the freedom to do as they wish during the evening, or at the weekend. We look forward to meeting any students who would wish to stay with us in the near future.



Vivien is a friendly lady who lives with her 2 small dogs Alfie and Lola in a 3 bedroom house in Chester. Vivien is retired, her hobbies include gardening, cooking reading and crafts.

Vivien says: "I have a large family with 3 grown up children and 8 grandchildren who I love to spend time with, I like to involve my students and treat them like family too. You will always get a big welcome when you arrive and I hope you feel at home whilst staying with me. You can make yourself at home and don't be afraid to ask for help in understanding anything including homework,  watching television with me,  telling me about your day. You will enjoy your experience in Chester as there is no nicer City in the North West”

Many students have enoyed staying with Vivien. Here is some of their feedback: 

'My host mother is so intelligent and supportive. She helped me a lot. My English really improved and I was very happy with her.' Asami, Japan

'Vivien is such an amazing and friendly woman, that I really enjoyed the time I spent with her. I'll miss her very much!' Vendula, Czech Republic

'Vivien is very friendly and I like the English breakfast and dinner very much.'  Wolfgang, Germany

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Here Vivien answers some of our questions: 

What do you like about hosting students?

I enjoy the company of the students and helping them with the language and customs of this country.  Also my family have all grown up and moved out so it’s nice for me to have the company of students!

Can you tell us about one of your favourite experiences you have had with a student?  

Many years ago I had a Japanese couple stay with me who were hilarious!  The lady could speak the "Queens English"  as she said, and her husband could not speak English very well but could understand it, so we had very interesting three way conversations!  They laughed so much at their little mistakes but I was able to help them correct them.  They also cooked a Japanese meal for all of us, such a lovely couple.

Do you think your students' English improves during their stay with you?

Yes definitely,  I think it does and they are more confident to speak English.


Eileen and Egon

Eileen and Egon live in a beautiful four bedroom home close to the city centre. Eileen is retired and enjoys gardening, cooking and home decorating. Egon is self employed, he is interested in football, golf, cricket and most other sports. They both enjoy travelling and meeting people from other cultures and backgrounds. The couple especially like to provide good quality English food for their students and spend a lot of time with their students, conversing over dinner.

Here Eileen and Egon answer some of our questions: 

What do you like about hosting students?

We enjoy the company of the students and learning about their lives, family and ambitions. They are always so appreciative about our meals and conversations. Many become firm friends and keep in touch.

Do you have a favourite memory of a student?

We were asked to the wedding of a Spanish student.  Not only were Egon and I asked but our two boys were too. The hospitality was outstanding and we were made to feel like guests of honour. 

Do you think your students English language improves during their stay with you.

Without a doubt. Their vocabulary increases along with their confidence. They often think that they haven’t improved but we noticed the change as our conversations become more fluent.

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Many happy students have stayed with Eileen and Egon. Here is some of their feedback: 

They talked to me a lot and were very friendly. Their house and their food were excellent. Shin, Japan

What I liked the most were the hosts and the beautiful house and garden. Patricia, Switzerland

It was absolutely good. The room, the food, friendly and helpful. It was excellent! Magda, Spain



Spain, General English

Leyre studied at EiC for 4 weeks during the summer when we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Here she tells us about her EiC experience. 

Overall experience

My experience has been amazing and I made friends from all over the world that I'll never forget.


I  have done a lot of things together with my host and she has introduced me to a lot of people. Thanks to all these things my experience has been amazing and I improved my English a lot.

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I really like the way that my teacher gives the lessons because with her it is easy to learn a lot. We have a lot of speaking and the lessons are funny.

Social programme

The social programme has lots of varied activities and that is the best thing. 


Carole and Mark

Carole and Mark  live in a beautiful home with their two children. There are two student rooms available, both of which have an en-suite bathroom.  The family have accommodated students from English in Chester for many years. Meals are taken together as a family and the food is always fresh and home prepared. The walk to school is 15 minutes. 

Many happy students have stayed with Carole and Mark. Here is some of their feedback: 

“My hosts were very friendly and it was only 15 mins walk from the school.” Ryota, Japan

“I liked the food and the talking. Absolutely the best homestay I have ever been in.” Claudia, Switzerland

“The family was very interested in me and talked a lot. They shared their family life and thoughts with me.” Yvonne, Sweden

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Carole and Mark say:

We like hosting students as it gives us an insight into different peoples lives, how they adapt to our English life, how different our nationalities are and it broadens our outlook on other Countries with stories they tell us. 

Some students arrive with very little English and are a little reluctant to speak at first, usually within the week the students have grown in confidence and understanding of our language.  We have never had a student who has not improved during their stay and we encourage our students to talk and tell them it's OK to make mistakes. If they ask questions about a word or phrase we welcome the chance to help. 

We would like our students to enjoy their stay with us. It is our home first and we would like our students to be part of our life and lifestyle, we normally come together as a family for dinner in the evening which is a good time to talk about their lives, work and family. We want our guests to feel at home and we are there for them if they need us. 


Linda and Peter

Linda and Peter live in a large  semi-detached house in Chester. Their home is beautifully decorated and with a lovely garden. There is one student room with plenty of storage and study space, a private bathroom and WiFi. Linda enjoys making crafts and she  loves to walk and go to the spa. Pete likes to play golf and other sports in his spare time. The couple have travelled extensively and enjoy different cultures, food and meeting people. They have a very friendly cat.

Linda and Peter have hosted many happy students. Here is some of their feedback: 

My hosts were very kind. They made me feel not alone and did not push me to do something I did not want. Good facilities and location. I felt hospitality from my British family. Takahiro, Japan

It's fantastic, amazing. Many things I liked, Pete and Linda are two fantastic people! The accommodation and food is great. Mauro, Italy

Very good people. I've had a great time with them. Very funny  and honest. I recommend. Fina, Spain

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Here Linda and Peter answer some of our questions: 

What do you like about hosting students?

There are so many things we like about hosting. It's interesting to find out about different cultures and countries, but more importantly, it's great to be able to help the students with their English and ensure they have the opportunity to experience the British culture and countryside. We are surprised how much we learn about our own language and culture! And of course, we have made new friends !

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories you have had with a student?

One student told us he had just had the best day of his life after we organised for him to go to Old Trafford for a Champions League match.

How do you spend time with your students?

It is rewarding when the students appreciate the chance to experience something 'British'. We've enjoyed going to music concerts and theatre, as well as antiques fairs, outlet shopping, walking in Llangollen and Snowdonia, golf and a spa day !! However, the best experiences for us are the little things like laughing together about a language misunderstanding, cooking together and teaching students new English phrases.

Do you think your students English language improves during their stay with you?

Definitely! We always see a big improvement in the first week. Most students' English is better than they think, they just haven't had the opportunity to practise. Students improve quickly once they feel comfortable in the house.


Lynne and David

Lynne and David live in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in a very popular area of Chester.  They have 2  cats and enjoy walking, keeping fit, theatre, eating out and gardening. Lynne grows her own vegetables in her allotment. There is one double student room available with WiFi. 

Lynne and David say:

We would love to welcome you to our home in the beautiful city of Chester. We will do all we can to make your stay happy and comfortable. We lead a fairly quiet life. Ours is not a busy household, we have lots of time to speak to students in the evenings. 

Many students have enjoyed staying with Lynne and David, here is some of their feedback:

 I liked most the friendliness of my 'new family', conversations during breakfast and in the evening. Julia, Russia 

They are very nice and friendly with a good sense of humour. Yvan, France 

They are friendly and helpful, just like home! Mara, Spain

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Here Lynne and David answer some of our questions: 

What do you like about hosting students?

We love talking to students and learning about their culture, their homes and ways of life. We have found it a most fascinating experience. 

What are your favourite memories as a host?  

We loved taking our Russian student, Mikhail, (a Liverpool football supporter) on a tour of Anfield Stadium as it was very exciting for him. Our German student Frieda, also enjoyed the Christmas parade in Chester and it was lovely for her to see the Christmas lights being switched on. We enjoy seeing our students have British experiences.

Do you think your students' English language improves during their stay with you?

I hope so! We certainly have lovely long chats with them, and offer guidance when requested.


David and Diane

Diane and David  live in a 3 bedroomed detached house with a large garden. Their garden has a pool table and ping pong table and in the summer they like to have BBQs there with their students. The couple enjoy cycling and socialising and travel. They have 2 student rooms with wifi. 

Diane and David say:

We love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and sharing ours. We are very easy going, love to talk. We always talk over dinner and this helps our students improve their English. We hope that our students find us to be a lovely warm family. We like all our students to feel welcome on their arrival. We listen and respond with empathy and treat them like of our own family. If students have any concerns we can always help to resolve them. 

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Many students have enjoyed staying with Diane and David, here is some of their feedback:

I think I had the best host parents ever! They were very kind, helpful, funny and the food was tasty and healthy! I am happy! Robert, Switzerland

My host family was very friendly, the food was good, the room was comfortable and tidy and they also wash my clothes regularly :) If I will come next time I would like to stay there again. Ruben, Germany

They were so friendly and made us feel at home. Federica, Italy



Indonesia, Vacation Course for Teenagers

Branita enjoyed 4 weeks on our Vacation Course for Teenagers. This course is based at a University of Chester campus. The main course aims are to have fun with English, make new friends from all over the world and enjoy visiting some of the best places in the UK. This is what Branita told us about her time at EiC. 

I improved my English because I liked my classes and my teachers. I learned a lot. The Mentors are also fun, very cheerful and very helpful. They're very nice and they gave me confidence. 

I love my homestay hosts too because they're very friendly and they're like my best friends. I love talking with them. I love my room too. I will miss my host family and the house. Oh ya, and I will miss Kat (the cat). Also I will miss my roommates. Valentina, Haidy, and Claudia, we have lots of fun and I will never forget those guys. 

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I really liked the excurisons. Liverpool and Manchester were great but North Wales was my favourite. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. 

Over all, I love EIC. It's a lot of fun and it gave me lots of new experiences and great memories. I'm sad to leave EIC.



The Netherlands, One-to-One Course

Paul, a former politician and TV presenter, studied with us for just one week. It was a short but very intensive one-to-one course designed to develop both his fluency and accuracy. Here he tells us about his EiC experience. 



Korea, General English

Yunah finished her degree in Korea and decided to spend a year in the UK learning English. She started at A2 level (elementary +) and finished at B2 (upper-intermediate). She travelled all over the UK and to 7 different European countries during this year. Here she tells us about her EiC experience.

Why did you choose to study at English in Chester? 

Well, I wanted to stay in a quiet city and study in a school which does not have too many Korean students. I hoped I would improve my English, I have definitely achieved this.

Have you enjoyed living in England?

I have really enjoyed living in England. The people are so friendly and helpful. I am comfortable and relaxed here. 

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Have you found anything about living in England difficult or challenging?

I would say the weather. The UK weather is so changeable. I cannot predict it so I always have to have an umbrella.

Have you found anything about living in England surprising or funny? 

What is funny is that British people eat lots of potatoes. It made me feel surprised. We always eat rice instead of potatoes. People here have so many ways to cook potatoes, to me they are the same potatoes, hahaha.

What do you think about the city of Chester?

Chester is a good place to study English. It is calm and peaceful. And my life in Chester was very healthy. When I finished school, I went to the library and then home to eat dinner. After dinner, I sometimes went to the gym or studied what I had learned in school. It is the perfect place to study English.

What do you like doing in your free time here?

I like travelling because it is not far away to European countries and you can get a cheap ticket. I have been to seven countries so far.

I also like visiting friends. We cook and share food from our different countries.  It was a good opportunity to learn their culture and practice speaking English.

What part of your experience in Chester was the most memorable?

My homestay hosts were fantastic. My room was great and they treated with me love. I improved my English a lot by talking with them every day.  I will miss them and always stay in touch with them. 




This is our teacher Claire. Here she talks about the school, how students can learn outside of the classroom and the places near Chester which she recommends you visit. 



Libya, General English/ IELTS

Emad prepared for university with a General English and IELTS course here at EiC. He has now succesfully completed his MBA at Aston University. Here he tells us about his EiC experience:

I studied for 6 months at English in Chester. During that time I enjoyed learning every day.  Usually we were a small group in the class, about 6 students. Sometimes other students came for short time, this gave us variety and we were excited to get to know other cultures and personalities.

The school is near the city centre, just a few minutes walking. Chester is a small city, it really was the right place for me to live and study English. 

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I was learning English to go to a UK university and English in Chester provided me with lots of resources in the Self-Access Centre. The afternoon options gave me a choice to improve in the areas I need. I chose IELTS classes, Academic Writing and Pronunciation.  

The teachers are outstanding and qualified, I am grateful to the guidance from my teachers. Every class was effective and productive.

At the school I always felt welcome, all the staff are helpful as if we are living in one home. English in Chester is a very professional and very friendly place. 



Spain, The 25+ Course

Javier took a 25+ Course at EiC last year and liked it so much he came back again this year. It is quite common for our 25+ students to return to EiC several times. Many are professional people who like to make the most of their holidays by spending them in a beautiful part of England, making new friends and improving their English as much as possible. This is Javier's feedback: 

25+ lessons

I liked the pronunciation exercises and the advice about how to learn a language (taking enough time to enjoy it), I also liked the clear structure of the lessons (the objectives on the white board and the regular reviews). Teachers ask us about what we need to learn. There is a warm, personal atmosphere in class.

Social programme

I liked I like the North Wales trip, the workshop with an artist and the offer of possibilities to meet native people during activities.

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I liked the clean house and large room. The food was good and my hosts were very patient and helpful when communicating with me.

Overall experience

All the people in the city have a positive attitude and like to speak and communicate with me.



Italy, The 25+ Course

Josefina already has advanced level English but she wanted to work on her fluency. She chose the 25+ Course because the small classes provide maxium oppportunity for speaking practice. This is her feedback:

25+ lessons

What I found particularly useful was the opportunity to use real ‘everyday’ English, for example useful phrases rather than those found in grammar books.

Social programme

The tour round the city was the best. I think the social programme is brilliant for those who want to develop their confidence and get to know more people. Personally, it helped me not only to polish up my speaking but also to be a part of the local environment and interact with the city's citizens.

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The office staff

I am very pleased and satisfied with the management! I'd love to come back, Thank you very much.


I liked everything, my homestay hosts are great.

Overall experience

After a few days you feel at home. It's a beautiful place. The school is well located and it is very easy to walk around the city. 



Thailand, General English and The 25+ Course

Wate studied on our General English course for 8 months and then The 25+ Course for 6 weeks. He made a lot of good friends in Chester here at the school, through his homestay host and also through joining a local Buddhist group. This is the message he sent to us about his time here at EiC. 

I have been studying at English in Chester for ten months. I have improved my English skills, opened my mind and broadened my horizons. I had a good opportunity to meet many students from different countries all over the world. I also had many wonderful experiences and conversations with local people in Dechen Buddhist Meditation centre, Quaker Meeting House. In our lessons at school, we had a lot of opportunities to discuss many different topics with each other. I increased my knowledge about the culture and language of my classmate’s countries and we also got to know each other better.

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Chester is a marvellous city to live in and to study in. It was an invaluable experience of living and learning. It was a time of good sense, warmth and happiness, because the School Director, Deputy Director of the school, staff, mentor teacher and teachers are all smart, talented and generous. The students are excellent too. I am especially grateful to my teachers in General English Courses and 25+ Courses. They have created a warm and homely atmosphere from the first day I arrived at school. The first month I didn’t understand so much. After one month I could understand how to improve my language skills and I’m proud of myself. It is so wonderful and the lessons are so interesting. Thank you for teaching me patiently. Thanks to the attention to detail from teachers I also understood my weak areas and this has motivated me to continue to improve my English in my future work. I will keep all the goodness of English in Chester in my memory forever, this time has been unforgettable. I will come back to this school again if I have a chance.

I would like to pass on my sincere warm wishes to everyone at English in Chester and wish you all the very best in life.



Italy, General English/ IELTS

Giulia has been to English in Chester 3 times. This year she took an IELTS course and passed with an overall score of 7. She is now looking forward to starting her BSc in Neuroscience at a university here in the UK. 



Switzerland, General English/FCE exam course

Valentine studied with us for 6 months. Here she tells you about the city, the school and her top tips for learning as much as possible while you are here. Congratulations on passing your FCE Valentine. 



Brazil, General English

Giovanna, a dancer from Brazil, studied with us for 5 months. Here she tells us about her EiC experience. 



Switzerland, The 25+ Course

Cornelia chose 2 weeks on The 25+ Course: English for Everyday Life and the Workplace. This course is for students aged 25 and over. There is a maximum of 6 people in a class and courses are for 1-6 weeks only. Here is what Cornelia told us about her EiC experience:

25+ lessons

I liked the very good mixture of grammar, listening, speaking, writing and pronunciation. I liked the small groups with a focus on the individual and the very good, dynamic teachers who are encouraging, flexible and very professional. I was very satisfied with these two weeks.

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Social programme

 It is a very good social programme, helpful with a lot of information. I liked the Talk and Walk, Romeo and Juliet, The Lake District, a ghost tour and the open-air cinema.


I really appreciated staying with Harriet and Gwill. It was like a 5 star hotel accommodation. The food was delicious, the house is nice and they make me feel 'at home'. They were very attentive and welcoming with nice conversations about British life and culture.



Italy, General English

Sofia was in her 2nd year of a Psychology degree a at university in the North of Italy when she came to study with us for the summer. At the end of her course, she took some time to answer our questions. Here is what she told us about living in the UK, Chester and studying at our school. 

Why did you choose to study this course at English in Chester? 

I wanted to improve my English because I would like to study abroad in the future. I have always learnt English grammar, but before Chester I had never spoken or thought in English 24/24 hours! I was scared about living in a family I didn’t know, but it was a wonderful experience! I really improved my spoken English, and when I came back I took other English lessons that helped me to take the IELTS with 6.5! But without Chester, I wouldn’t have been able to take a good score like that.

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What do you think of Chester? 

I think it’s an excellent city to live, because all you need is near you and you can go everywhere by bus or by bike. It’s also a good place to take an English language course because you can meet lovely people who come from different countries in the world and know many different cultures and habits.

Have you enjoyed living in England? 

It’s another country compared to Italy. In England everything seem to work well: transport system is very efficient, people finish to work early in the afternoon and inhabitants are very kind, especially if you are a foreigner.

Have you found anything about living in England difficult or challenging?

Having dinner early in the evening!

Have you found anything about living in England surprising or funny?

The weather: there are four seasons in a day! And houses haven’t got shutters, so the sunlight enters the room and you are forced to wake up early in the morning!

What do you like doing in your free time here?

Going shopping (there are lots of wonderful shops!!) and going out with other students.

Have you visited other places in Britain during your time here? 

I have visited Liverpool and Lake District. I have really enjoyed Liverpool, because it combines ancient and modern buildings, like the University, the Cathedrals, and there are many interesting museums which are free. Also Lake District is a lovely place, where you can lose yourself in the nature and admire beautiful landscapes.

What do you think about the school?

Firstly, the staff were very kind and helpful in every moment. Then, all the teachers were excellent and tolerant. I could see that they love their job and I really appreciate this..

In addition, one day we went to the Court and it was a wonderful experience!

The accommodation was superb, too. I am still texting with my housemother!

Do you think your English has improved?

Yes, I improved my grammar, but especially my spoken English, and I enlarged my vocabulary, too. I think that doing exercises speaking with other students is very helpful. 



Nicaragua, General English

Tatiana came from sunny Costa Rica to wintery Chester in January. Fortunately she was able to stay for 5 months so she saw sunshine here too. Here is what she said about her EiC experience:

Morning lessons

All the things were very good and interactive. The methodology of my teachers was amazing and very easy to understand with them.

Afternoon lessons

I liked my teacher and the pronunciation class was my favourites. Listening was the class I felt I improved the most in.

Social programme

All was a great experience with many activities, especially the activities with other students e.g. Bingo night and pub evenings.

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The office staff

They are always kind and helpful


They always helped me and took care of me, helped me with my language, made me feel like I was at home.

Overall experience

Beautiful city. In the school everyone is kind and this experience exceeded my expectations. I improved my grammar and learnt a lot.



Kate lives in a three bedroom town house near the city centre. She is semi-retired and enjoys sport, tennis, yoga, reading, the theatre and languages. The student rooms are good sized doubles, very comfortable and well decorated with good storage.

Kate says: "I really enjoy accommodating students and showing them around the local area. My experience of living and working abroad gives me the knowledge to provide a great home for students, I am prepared to help them in any way I can. I have 3 grown up children who live away from home but they often come to meet the students."

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Many of our students have lived with Kate while they studied at English in Chester. Here is some of their feedback:

'Kind and helpful host mother, always fruit available. Well cooked dinner. Lovely house. It's possible to walk to school on foot (20 minutes).'     Beatrice, Germany

'My hostess is very nice and kind. We talked a lot and she corrected me kindly. We often smiled. She guided me through town. The food was delicious.'  Ludmilla, Russia

'It was one of the best experiences that I've ever had. I learnt a lot from my host mother: culture, language, people, and cities. She helped me with everything!'         Romina, Spain


Laura O

Laura O

Laura has taught English in Italy, France, Spain and Peru. She particularly enjoys preparing students for Cambridge examinations (FCE and CAE). Here she talks about the school, our students and Chester. 



Japan, General English

Hiroki planned to study at EiC for 3 months but enjoyed it here so much he stayed for 6 months. This is what he says about his EiC experience:

Morning lessons  

Everything was perfect in my morning lessons. All lessons were totally helpful for me so they would benefit not only for specific nationalities but also lots of others. All lessons were well organised. I think there are few schools like EIC around the world

Afternoon lessons

I would say IELTS lessons are the best. The pronunciation class was also very helpful.  I think almost all Asian students have a serious problem with our pronunciation. Anyway, everything was so nice, thank you!!


My accommodation was an ideal environment in which to get used to life in the UK. Although I am from a totally different country they were very helpful and friendly. They gave me a lot of help, it was perfect!

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Social programme

It was nice. Especially the Lake District was easily the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life and inside BusyBus was also a fantastic atmosphere!! I don't think I will forget these experiences

The office staff

They were really kind and friendly. When I came to EIC, I felt it was very daunting. In fact I didn't have to worry about anything because of their friendly attitude.

Overall experience

Chester is a small city but everything in here is beautiful. I wish I could stay longer. EIC is the best school I've ever been to in my life. I owe what I am to the support of English in Chester. Thank you to every teacher and all the staff




Our teacher Kerry explains why she enjoys teaching at the school. She also offers advice on how you can maximise your progress in English and make the most the most of your time in Chester. 



Doris lives in a very comfortable three bedroom bungalow on a quiet street. She is retired. She enjoys reading, cooking, cake decorating, gardening and spending time with her family. She has two grown up daughters and 5 grandchildren who like to visit at the weekends. 

Many students have enjoyed staying with Doris, here is some of their feedback:

'What I liked most was the warm welcome when I arrived. I always felt comfortable like at home thanks to the kindness of my host family. I enjoyed our long conversations about many different subjects. It was perfect!' Nicole, France

'There are no words to describe how friendly, kind and lovely my host mother was. It's easy to understand why she's so popular among the students. The room is very comfortable and I really felt I was at home... probably better!!!' Santiago, Colombia

'My host mother is very kind and she is good at cooking. She gave us many opportunities to speak English.' Sachiyo, Japan 

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Here Doris answers our questions:

How long have you been hosting students for English in Chester?

I’ve been hosting for about 15 years

What do you like about hosting students?

I love meeting Students and finding out about their countries and lives. (I also like talking!)

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories/experiences you have had with a student? 

One of the first students I hosted was a Mathematics Teacher from Madrid. He came for three weeks but stayed for seven weeks getting a job in a local restaurant. He quickly became part of the family and was loved by us all. He invited my husband and I to stay with him a few months later and he introduced us to his family and many of his friends. As a result, his children came to Chester joining the Summer teenage course. His colleagues and children of his colleagues have also come to study at the school at stay with me. Madrid has now become my second home and I visit at least twice a year catching up with lots of families who have now become wonderful friends. Hosting can get you like this!

Do you think your student’s English improves during their stay with you?

Yes I am sure that their language skills improve, I am happy to spend all and every evening in conversation with them.



Sally and her husband John live with their daughter in a detached house in a popular area of Chester which is 5 minutes by bus from Chester city centre.  Sally is a housewife. She enjoys photography, crafts, fitness and cooking. John works in sales and travels regularly with his job. He enjoys rugby, classic cars and biking. Their daughter enjoys gymnastics, crafts, tennis and hockey.

Many students have enjoyed staying with Sally's family, here is some of their feedback:

“I love my host family. All was perfect and I think I will miss them too much. The food was fantastic and they were lovely with me and very friendly” Arianna, Italy

“I was very happy with my family and this is one of the reasons why I'd like to come back to Chester. They're very friendly and they were always helped me to feel comfortable” Beatriz, Spain

“The best family I've ever met. Delicious food, lovely family” Savina, Bulgaria 

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Here Sally answers our questions:

How long have you been hosting for English in Chester? 

I’ve been hosting since 2013.

What do you like the most about hosting?

For me it’s about the experience of meeting new people and learning about different cultures. It’s also been fantastic for my family and especially my daughter Ella who now has interest in languages too. It’s just a very positive experience for our family

What kind of activities do you do with your students?

Well my passion is cooking so I always do quite a lot of cooking with my students. We have things like gourmet burger night on Thursday nights where we cook together and it’s great because we get to share new recipes and the students get to spend time with us as a family.

What do you feel is the most important thing a host can do for their student?

When I have the students I like to think about how I would feel if it was my daughter staying abroad and it’s important that I treat my students as I would like her to be treated.



Italy, General English

Elisa wrote to us to tell us how much she enjoyed her stay in Chester. Here is her letter:

Hello, I’m Elisa and I graduated in Graphics and Illustrations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sanremo, Italy.

I came to Chester for the first time last summer, before I graduated, for just one day. I was impressed by Chester’s particular beauty and I realized where I would like to spend my study trip after my graduation. I visited English in Chester. The school seemed to me very friendly and organized, with a lot of stairs like a little Hogwarts! I was sure: I would be back in January for learning English with these beautiful people!

Now I can’t believe my study trip here in Chester is already over. My days at school have been simply fantastic. I learned so much, met so many lovely people and my heart, day by day, was filled with beautiful things and stories from all over the world.

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My first day at school was January 25th. It was a day full of rules, information, papers, new people and tests. Of course I was a little bit nervous about it but in the afternoon I was really happy about my upper-intermediate result! I could not wait to start my lessons from the next day; my first week was tiring but especially great!

Living at the residence is really beautiful and comfortable, my housemates and classmates are all very nice and all my teachers are great!

Sue (the school's social programme organiser) arranged a trip to Chester Zoo. It was simply wonderful. I can’t believe how many animals I/we have met in a single day and I think the projects behind the protection of these animals are amazing! I totally fell in love with this place and I already can’t wait to visit it again. 

We also went to Tea on the Wall cafe. We had a very lovely afternoon with green tea, sweets and some incredible stories from Sue. It was a pleasure discover a beautiful place like this!

I’d like to thank all of you, teachers, classmates and housemates, for making this month at English in Chester an incredible experience.



Germany, The 25+ Course

Arne decided to take 4 weeks holiday from his job in Germany to improve his English on The 25+ Course with us. Here he tells us about his experience and what it's like to come back to school when you have not studied for a long time:

To be honest, I couldn’t really imagine being a student again. Now I am full-time student for four weeks. Three double lessons, sometimes one-to-one classes and a lot of homework – that’s hard work, indeed.

Let’s give you an idea of my daily routine.

My days start with a breakfast together with my homestay family. Even this time is a lesson. We discuss the latest news presented on BBC or SkyTV. It’s like a warm-up.

After breakfast I cycle to my school in the centre of Chester. Before the lesson starts, I have small talk with other students and strong tea in the common room. The Britons call it builders-tea. In the first week, I had only two classmates from Spain and Switzerland. In the second week three further classmates from Russia, Libya and again Switzerland arrived. Last week the Russian classmate left and an Italian joined. We are in sum currently 26 adult students (25+) in the job-orientated course in different classes. Younger students (around 100) are on a separate course.

The school and even the teachers are really great. I made the best choice!  Definitely!

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The school is situated in a row of old buildings side by side, so called terraced houses, in Georgian style. Red bricks, white painted lattice windows and coloured doors are typical features of this house style. We have one building only for our course.  It’s a very British atmosphere, actually.

Apropos the British atmosphere: they seem to have a magic potion here. The people here are conspicuously polite and gentle. Nearly everyone who comes across gives a smile or a short greeting when I walk to school or go for a stroll around. Sometimes it feels like meeting old fellows.

The English-in-Chester team is excellent. I was feeling very well during the first day in the school and I’m feeling superb now. Our teachers are very professional and encouraging. They convey the spirit of English language.

One of my first activities was to rent a bike, therefore I’m flexible and mobile now.

I usually use one or two hours after the lessons to explore the different sights around Chester by bike – there are a lot of then! Chester is really beautiful and worth seeing! Reddish sandstone and bricks as well as timber-framed gables dominate in streets. Most of the houses in the centre are older than 200 years, some 500 years. The oldest parts were built by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago.

Later then at home I do my homework before dinner. We have dinner at around 8 pm. The dinner has been very delicious so far – international as well as traditional cuisine as e.g. “Sunday roast”. The dinner time is my night-lesson. We are speaking about everything and anything. And then I’m really tired….

I’m using the weekends to discover faraway places. On the first weekend, I visited Llangollen - a beautiful little town in north-east Wales around 50 miles far from Chester.

I used the last weekend again for excursions, this time to Shrewsbury and around North-Wales. Shrewsbury is a charming town and Wales is stunning. We saw beautiful cities, old castles, impressive valleys and mountains with wild waterfalls.

I wish I could stay here for longer.