EIC People

It is the people at English in Chester who make our students’ experience here so rich and rewarding. Our students, group leaders, homestay hosts, teachers, and staff together make a community. Here we introduce you to some of these wonderful people.


Ian and Jane

Ian and Jane own a fruit and vegetable shop and a party shop in a local market. They have grown up sons and daughters who live close by. The family enjoy shopping and sports, spending time with their grandchildren and walking their friendly dog Maise.

"We are a laid back and very easy going family, we always interact with our students and make them feel at home. During your visit, our house is your home so relax and I hope you enjoy your stay with us"

How Long have you been hosting for English in Chester?

Approximately  25 years

What do you like about hosting students?

Getting to know about their home life, and the different lifestyles they have in their country.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite memories/experiences you have had with a student?

There are many, we still speak to students we hosted 10 years ago and it's good to talk about how they have grown up, and everything they wanted out of life. They still call us their English mother and father.

Do you think your students English language improves during their stay with you?

Yes because we always make them speak English in our home!

Is there anything you would like to say or any information you would to give to the student that is about to stay with you?

We are very laid back, and the food will be good for you! Our home is your home!


“I think I was very lucky getting a host family like mine. They are the kindest people I've ever met. They are really talkative and they gave us lots of attention. Also the atmosphere is very peaceful and nice. I also really like the house. Everything is so beautiful in there. This is the first time I've been to an English family that cook the meal all themselves and food is simply delicious. I really enjoyed staying with this amazing and friendly family. I will remember their kindness and keep their love in my heart forever. I wish to meet them one day again” Valerie, Czech Republic

“Everything was perfect, you immediately felt like a part of the family. They cooked great food and the house was comfy and cute. The house was very close to the bus stop and they were good at helping and giving directions” Jessica, Sweden

“I liked that the family always interact with us and they help us when we need it. They are the best family because they are very nice and hospitable” Noemi, Italy

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