English in Chester is based in 3 elegant buildings in Stanley Place, a small historic square in the old walled city of Chester. The school buildings were the homes of Chester's rich and famous people over 200 years ago. Two of the buildings form the main school. The third building, on the other side of the square, is called The Language Training Centre. This is where we hold our 25+ Courses. It is just a two-minute walk to the heart of the city of Chester and a 15-minute stroll through the beautiful city centre to the main bus station.

The Language School, 9-11 Stanley Place

These beautiful 230+ year old buildings have a long and interesting history. Today they make an ideal English language school, with very good facilities for learning and relaxation.

  • 14 classrooms accommodating a maximum of 150 students

    Our classrooms are bright and nicely furnished, with large windows creating a light and comfortable learning environment.

  • The Computer Room

    We have a computer room with 12 computers for students to use. Students can practise their listening skills, improve their fluency and work on their pronunciation. They can also spend time on e-Chester - our own free guided e-learning and online community.

  • Free internet and WiFi access

    All our computers have free internet access. If you bring your own device you can connect to WiFi anywhere in the building, including the classrooms and the social areas.

  • Self-Access Centre

    Our self-access centre has 12 widescreen computers, all equipped with English learning software for you to use, including Active Listening, Read Up - Speed Up, Sky Pronunciation and Road to IELTS. The centre is open all day. After lessons there is a teacher available in the self-access centre to help you. We have a DVD library, graded readers, readers with accompanying CDs, grammar / vocabulary / exam worksheets and much more for you to explore.

  • Common Room

    Our comfortable common room is our largest room where we welcome students on their first day. Students can relax and socialise with their friends. We hold many of our social events in this great space. Snacks and water are available.

  • Coffee Room

    The coffee room is a popular place during breaks and lunchtimes. Hot drinks are available from a vending machine throughout the day.

  • Patio Garden

    The patio area behind the school building is a great sunny place to sit and unwind in between lessons and at lunchtime. In the summer months we have lots of parties and BBQs on the patio. It is a great space to spend time with your new international friends.

The Language Training Centre, 2 Stanley Place

Clients on our 25+ Courses have their own building on the other side of the square which we call the Language Training Centre. The training rooms, computer room and social areas combine to create a unique, relaxing, business-like environment.

  • 7 training rooms accommodating a maximum of 35 students

    Our training rooms are furnished to a high standard; each room has large windows and is light and comfortable.

  • Computer Room with free internet and WiFi access

    There are 5 computers for students to use with free internet access. Each has pronunciation and listening software installed. If you bring your own device you can connect to WiFi anywhere in the building, including the classrooms and the social areas.

  • Lounge with coffee area

    The Language Training Centre has a large and relaxing lounge. A selection of quality coffees and teas are available, free of charge throughout the day.

Giulia, Italy

I had an incredible experience here in Chester. The city is in the perfect position next to two important cities, Manchester and Liverpool, and on the border with Wales. I love the school and the people who work there. Also I improved all my language skills.

Self-Access CentreSelf-Access Centre
9 Stanley Place9 Stanley Place
Stanley PlaceStanley Place
Common RoomCommon Room