Our Students

Our students come from all over the world and our courses suit many different types of students. In 2018 we welcomed 63 different nationalities to the school.

  • Ceren, Turkey

    I chose a General English Course because I wanted to:

    • improve my communicative ability
    • have a very flexible starting date
    • have a course which met my specific needs

    Average age: 25 Number of nationalities: 49 Top nationalities: Italian, French, Swiss, Spanish, Omani

  • Janine, Switzerland

    I chose a Development Course for Teachers because I wanted to:

    • focus on my professional development
    • update my teaching skills
    • get some new ideas for use in my classroom
    • refresh my English
  • Alessandro, Italy

    I chose The 25+ Course because I wanted to:

    • do a lot in the short time available to me
    • become more confident using English in both social and professional situations
    • study as part of a small group
    • experience a highly-focussed and supportive environment
    • be in a very nice location to enjoy my free time

    Average age: 43 Number of nationalities: 30 Top nationalities: Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Swiss, German

  • Mukhalad, Oman

    I chose an Examination Course because I wanted to:

    • gain an internationally-recognised qualification
    • improve all my English language skills
    • achieve my objective in the shortest possible time
    • have an enjoyable course with students from around the world
  • Jose, Netherlands

    I chose a 50+ Course because I wanted to:

    • be with people my own age
    • follow a holiday English language programme with more mature students
    • explore the history and culture of a new area
    • have an inclusive excursion programme in Chester and the region - organised and accompanied by local experts
    • study in a small class with a limited number of students on the course

    Average age: 63 Number of nationalities: 18 Top nationalities: Swiss, German, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian

  • Leonardo, Italy

    We chose a Summer Course for Teenagers because we wanted to:

    • have some interesting lessons, great excursions and fun activities
    • meet people from lots of different countries
    • be part of a small summer course where people know our names
    • study in a safe and friendly place

    Average age: 15 Number of nationalities: 23 Top nationalities: Italian, Spanish, Russian, Argentinian, Omani

Student numbers on all English courses including groups during 2018/2019

  • Italy22%
  • Switzerland16%
  • Spain13%
  • Japan5%
  • Czech Republic5%
  • Argentina4%
  • France4%
  • Germany4%
  • Poland3%
  • Oman3%
  • Russia3%
  • Korea2%
  • Other16%