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切斯特英语学校成立于 1976 年,目前是英语中心教育慈善机构的一部分,是一所品质享誉世界的独立英语语言学校。我们拥有专业而敬业的师资队伍,致力于为每位学生带来最顶级的语言学习体验。

我校是一个排名靠前的 EL Gazette 卓越中心,在我们的 2019 BC 考评中获得了 14 分的好成绩。


  • 普通英语(灵活多样的下午课程设置,满足学生的需求和兴趣)
  • 备考课程(我校学生在剑桥初级英语证书、剑桥高级英语证书和雅思考试中都曾获得骄人成绩)
  • 25+ 课程:日常生活和职场英语(具有高度实践性的强化课程,针对专业人士的需求设计)
  • 25+ 组合课程(将小班和一对一课程相结合)
  • 青少年暑假英语课程(针对 13-16 岁学生的趣味暑假课程)
  • 50+ 语言假期(学习英语语言和文化,包括形式多样的远足和活动)

学校地处风景优美、历史悠久的英国名城切斯特。切斯特的城市规模正适合学生求学,既能提供小城市安全、友好而温暖的环境,又具备大城市的蓬勃活力和缤纷生活。我们的学生均表示,切斯特是座精彩纷呈、魅力十足、适合学习的城市。城市中拥有英国保存最完好的罗马圆形剧场遗迹,期对面则是该地区最时髦的俱乐部之一。此外,许多时尚精品店、咖啡馆、饭店和酒吧都坐落于这里古老的中世纪建筑中。这是一座热闹而繁华的大学城,每年都会迎来数百万游客欣赏其独特的魅力。学校毗邻优美的乡村(北威尔士和湖泊地区)和大都市(利物浦和曼彻斯特)。乘火车从切斯特到伦敦只需 2 小时。


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Natalia, El Salvador

The methodology that EIC helped me improve my English and helped me accomplish more than I expected. I learned a lot inside and outside the classroom.General English Courses (age 16+)

Emilia, Romania

It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere, city and region, with a remarkable history. Excellent teaching, incorporating modern technology. You can improve your English every day!The 25+ Course

Julian, Switzerland

Lessons were very interactive. The school is very well organised and you can tell that the students success is very important to the whole staff!Examination Courses

Hildegard, Switzerland

I’ve been to Chester 6 times and that says everything. For me it’s like coming home. And the school and teachers are great! I know a lot of nice restaurants and beautiful places in Chester and its region.50+ Courses

Karolina, Czech Republic

Also the level of lessons is high and the teachers, activity leaders and all staff are so friendly and kind!Summer Courses for Teenagers

Mariela and Gaston

Our group keeps coming back because the school is well organised and they offer excellent homestays, a great nationality mix and the opportunity for our students to make friends from the all of the world.Courses for Groups

Mohammed, Qatar

Learning at English in Chester has made a huge difference to my English. Now I’m confident about my language skills. This experience hasn’t improved just my English, it made me a totally different person and changed my life.General English Courses (age 16+)

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