25+ Courses The 25+ Combination Course

25+ Courses are short, intensive English language programmes suitable for people who want to study in small classes to develop their English language skills in a general or work-related context.

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The 25+ Combination Course features both group and individual lessons to meet your specific needs in General English, Work-related English or English for Special Purposes (ESP).

Our 25+ Combination Course is ideal for clients who have two basic requirements:

  • To develop their all-round fluency in English
  • To have some specific English language training to meet their personal or professional needs

Your needs are always assessed prior to the commencement of the course. You can vary the intensity of your course with different combinations of group and individual tuition.

We have experience in delivering courses for clients from many different professional areas. We have been working in the corporate market for many years and as a consequence have developed several areas of expertise which we can now offer as 25+ Combination Courses with ESP. Among the specialisms that we are able to offer are:

  • English for Tourism Management
  • English in the World of Finance
  • English for Human Resource Management
  • English for Marketing
  • English for Customer Services
  • English for Journalism
  • Teacher Training: CLIL
  • Teacher Training: Language Teaching Methodology

English in Chester has excellent local contacts in many professional areas. These contacts, both at an academic and more practical level, are sometimes involved in our 25+ Combination Courses.

Tuition Fees for courses in 2021

Lessons per full week (group + individual) Tuition per week (2021)
30 + 5 lessons £900.00
20 + 10 lessons £1,000.00
20 + 15 lessons £1,300.00

Online Booking

Lessons per full week (group + individual) Start Date Weeks Book
30 + 5 lessons
20 + 10 lessons
20 + 15 lessons

Tuition fees include:

  • e-Chester - e-Chester is our online guided learning programme. You can have free, full access to e-Chester from the time of booking, during your course and for 6 months after your course finishes.
  • Self-Access Centre - A teacher is available to help you in our well-equipped centre for up to an additional 4¾ hours a week.
  • Review Sessions - Regular meetings to discuss your progress / study plans.

There is a registration fee of £90.00 for all bookings. For information on deposits, payment of fees and our refund policy including cancellations please see our terms and conditions.

The 25+ Combination Course
Lessons / hours per week
30 or 35 lessons / 22½ or 26¼ hours
Start dates
Any Monday for between 1 and 6 weeks.
Minimum: 25
Average: 47
Age Range: 25 - 60
Class sizes
Average: 3
Maximum: 6
Elementary to Advanced (A1 to C1).
Beginners are only accepted for individual tuition.
Special feature
Inclusive Chester orientation and weekly early-evening social event. Optional evening and weekend events at cost.

Student numbers (2018/19)

  • Spain19%
  • Czech Republic17%
  • Switzerland16%
  • Italy10%
  • Germany9%
  • Japan8%
  • France2%
  • Sweden2%
  • Hungary2%
  • Argentina1%
  • Other14%